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Review: Boccieri Golf Heavy Putter EL Q2-M

Moving the Balance point; Making More Putts
2013 was the year of the counterbalance putters.  With the anchoring ban being announced, everyone was scrambling to come up with an alternative.  Counterbalancing seems to be all the rage and just about every company has something “new and innovative” as some might say, copying what Boccieri has been doing for years with the Heavy Putter.  They have been preaching counterbalanced putters from the beginning of their existence.  What sets Heavy Putters by Boccieri apart is their shear volume of options in both head styles and weights.  Their newest one, the EL or Extended Length, in my opinion is their best yet.  This isn’t the first Heavy Putter or counterbalanced putter I used, but this one is the best. 
The biggest factor that makes the Heavy Putter EL Q2-M their best is how they moved the balance point.  The original Heavy Putters had heavy heads and heavy grips.  The new EL Heavy Putter uses the same principle, but extends the length just a few inches above your hands significantly changing how the putter feels.  It isn’t belly or arm-lock, it is just slightly longer than a regular counter balanced putter.  The weight is now above your hands instead of in your hands.

The new higher balance point creates a new feel to the stroke,  for me it felt much more normal.  I could feel where the putter head was during the stroke compared to the weight in the hands which was hard to get the right feel of the head.  The more natural feel led to a more comfortable stroke for me.  Any time I’m more comfortable on the green I’m more likely to make more putts.  The new balance point also feels more stable as the weight above the hands acts like a fulcrom, a solid point almost like an anchor for the swing.

The Heavy Putter EL Q2-M has the head style I prefer to look down at.  It is easy to align and just looks right behind the ball.  The black head is nice looking with the white paintfill as a nice contrast.  The contrast between the polished parts and matte finish look classy too.  The stainless head offers a good crisp feel at impact without being harsh or spongy. 

The real talking point of the EL series is the grip.  It is extra long at 17″ so that the weight is above your hands, but the other real genius in my mind is the ability to grip it at a different lengths.  While some might say it is a bad idea to have any different posture.  If you are like me, some days you just can’t get comfortable, or your back is tight or something just doesn’t feel right at that normal length.  This is the solution, just grip it wherever it feels comfortable and putt.  It might be at 34″ or it might be at 36″.  I found the versatility made me more comfortable on the greens and thus I mad more putts.  I could potentially see the opposite being true too, if a golfers can’t figure out where to grip it and never gets comfortable.  To that I say, find a spot on the grip and use it every time for your distance.

What this all translates to is making more putts.  Reviewing putters isn’t always the best thing for your game, of all the clubs in the bag, it is best to get comfortable with a putter and stick with it.  While I’ve tried all different putters, I often go back to a standard anser style putter at 34″.  The counterbalance thing tends to wear off after a few rounds.  The Heavy Putter EL Q2-M however really has some staying power.  The feel is much closer to my regular putter, the balance point is higher for stability and the long grip allows me to shift my length as I feel necessary depending on my stance and comfort level.

This might be the easiest transition from a belly putter.  It also would be a good move if you are really struggling on the greens too.  It still gives you some of the sensations of the anchoring, yet in a conforming fashion.   It feels more normal, but has more stability because of the high balance point.  While Boccieri has been preaching this for years, the other manufactures only validate his claims.  The Extended Length series is Boccieri Golf’s best yet.  Just about every Heavy Putter can be ordered as an EL putter.  You might just want to check out how moving the balance point can help you make more putts.

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Quick Hits

+ EL moves the balance point above the hands
+Any style putter head
+Extra long grip for adjustable comfort
+More stability during stroke
+Normal feel to putter and stroke

–Confusion as to where to grip the putter.

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