Review: Bollé Flyair Golf Sunglasses

Not All Sunglasses are the Same
Golfing with a pair of sunglasses on in AZ is a no-brainer.  The sun is intense in the desert and it is hard on your eyes to play without sunglasses.  For that matter, it is necessary to wear sunglasses doing anything outside.  With 350+ days of sun, they are on my face everyday.  I would imagine that most people realize that the $10 gas station sunglasses are not the same as the $100+ ones you get from a company like Bollé.  While you might be tempted to just get by with some cheap ones, there are some real benefits to wearing a pair of the new Bollé golf specific sunglasses with their Modulator V3 Golf lenses.
Bollé introduced a few new golf models in 2017, one of them being the Flyair frame.  It is a rimless design with very lightweight and extremely flexible B88 nylon.  While it may seem that all sunglasses are lightweight and flexible, until you actually put that to the test.  If you wear them all the time, you will noticed even an ounce of weight difference over the course of a round of golf.  The flexible part will also show itself on how comfortable they are when it comes to the fit.  If they are fairly rigid, your temples will often feel it.  These however offer all-day comfort without putting pressure on any part of your face.

Bollé Flyair sunglasses also have what they call Thermogrip® temple tips and nose pads.  These keep the sunglasses in place without feeling sticky.  They aren’t too gooey feeling which is nice as you sweat.   Another no-brainer feature that all sunglasses should have is an adjustable nose piece.  Everyone’s nose is shaped a little different and being able to dial in how they sit on your nose makes all the difference in the world for both comfort and performance.

The real secret to the Bollé Flyair sunglasses are the Modular V3 Golf Lenses.  They are a rose tint that helps the whites really pop and the green contours come to life.  It almost neutralizes the blues and reds and other tones so that you can focus on the ball and the ground, especially during putting.  But I also found them nice for tracking the ball in the sky as the white contrasted the sky more vibrantly than without the sunglasses on.  What is more than just the tint, it is the clarity and adaptability of the lenses.   They are made with Trivex® , which Bollé claims is a more advanced material far superior to polycarbonate (the material used for most sport sunglass lenses) in terms of optical clarity, weight, and strength.  They are also made with Modulator photochromic technology allows the lenses to adapt quickly to changing conditions , ensuring the proper tint in any environment, from direct sunlight to shaded areas.   What that mean for you while playing is that if your round starts off with different light than when it ends, your sunglasses will adapt.  Don’t misunderstand, these are not Transition lenses that go from clear to dark when you go from inside to outside, but depending on the force of the sunlight they will change some.  It is not extreme changes so you might not even notice when you where them because it will feel very natural.

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Bollé Flyair sunglasses

Bollé nailed it with the Flyair Sunglass with Modulator V3 Golf lenses.  They offer excellent comfort because they are lightweight, flexible and grip nicely on the ears (temple) and nose.  The lens technology is legit clarity, adaptability and tint.  They offer a good mirror on the outside that looks nice and resists fingerprint smudges and scratches.  I guess they have anti-fogging properties too, but I haven’t been able to try those out.  Not all sunglasses are the same, these have many superior feature that make them my daily lenses as well as my golfing glasses.

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent lenses
+Great comfort
+Flexible and durable
+Ideal for golf in AZ