Travel Like A Man
I’ll be honest, I travel differently than my wife does.  While I travel for business or golf, I have very specific things I’m looking for in my luggage that are going to be different from my wife’s.  I don’t want bright colors or patterns, I don’t need half of my luggage filled with toiletry items.  I want stuff that is super durable, has lots storage for electronics and will hold as much as my back or arms can move.  Basically Boyt took my criteria for luggage and put it into their line of products.  (ok so they didn’t ask me first, but pretty much covers everything I’m looking for)  Boyt has a long history in the industry and being under the Samsonite umbrella, you know that you are getting some real quality luggage that is going to stand up to being beat up and used/abused during travel.
MyBoyt Luggage arrived right before my epic trip to Bandon Dunes.  Most everything I needed was golf related, but fitting into the right luggage is pretty important.  While I travel fairly light, I do bring along a pretty big arsenal of electronic devices.  On this trip I had a laptop, a MS Surface, an iPad, headphones, backup battery packs and charging cords for everything.  That alone takes up a good share of my carry-on.  Also packing a full set of clothing in case my luggage gets delayed (like my buddies did) rounds out a full carry-on bag.  I used the Boyt Mach 1 Backpack to carry all that gear on the plane. 

The Boyt Mach 1 Backpack is the best backpack I’ve ever used.  It has a compartment for everything.  When everything is zipped closed, it is a normal sized backpack, but once you unzip everything it opens up like an accordion with pockets and slots for everything.  I was really impressed how easy I was able to slide everything in an out with wide openings.  The interior padding made everything safe and secure inside.  The shoulder straps were just the right padding and width for wearing it through the airport and waiting in line to check in and at security.  I have 5 other really nice backpacks and this one trumps them all

The Boyt 21″ spinner is also a carry-on sized bag that also is incredibly designed for traveling, especially if you don’t want to check a bag.  I was expecting an empty bag when I opened it up the first time, but instead the inside is filled with dividers and straps and a variety of options for using the space as efficiently as possible.  This time I’m filling it with my clothes and essential for travel; a small selection of toiletries in the waterproof inside pocket, regular folded golf clothing, Vesti Ascendi dress shirt in the foldable suit insert,  hats, and an extra pair of shoes.  It all fit nicely into this compact suitcase.  It is small enough to use as an overhead carry-on, it is super easy to wheel in the airport with its spinner wheels and is durable and rugged enough to check.  I think I could pack enough in it for a 4/5 days.  A full week might be just a tad tight with just the 21″ spinner.  If you do backpack and spinner then 7 days would be no problem

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business or vacation, Boyt Luggage is as good as it gets.  It is set up really well for men.  The design feature, color palette, rugged looks and high-quality allow you to travel like a man!  Now they just need to make a golf-travel bag and I’d be good to go on my next golf adventure.

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Quick Hits
+Exceptional quality
+Well thought out features
+Looks great
+Easy to use in the airport
+Compact size
+Ideal for a man

–Luggage ain’t cheap