Review: Bridgestone '16 B330 Series Golf Balls

When it comes to golf balls every major company says they have the best golf ball for your game, but how can you really tell? Take Bridgestone as one example, they claim: “7 out of 10 golfers play the wrong ball. “

If this is true, then as Ricky Ricardo said to Lucy, “All right, start ‘splainin.’” I started by clicking on the GET FIT button to find the golf ball I should be playing. I entered my current ball, information about distances, scores, shot shapes and I got a suggestion based on Bridgestone’s 300,000 live ball fittings and over 2,000,000 swings measured.
The ball suggested was the B330S. I’ve played dozens of this ball, so I wasn’t surprised that I had been given this suggestion. The data helped show me why they were right. The testing was done hitting all four of the Bridgestone B330 balls in the lineup B330 – B330S – B330RX – B330RXS for 10 shots with a Driver – 7 Iron – Sand Wedge.
Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor
Bridgestone ’16 B330 Line-Up (B330, B330S, B330RX, B330RXS)

Based on the numbers, each Bridgestone ball did well in different parts of my game. The best ball off the tee would be the B330. Best ball for irons and wedges would be the B330RXS. So the quantitative data suggests differences in one ball compared to another, but what about the qualitative data like durability and performance?

A new engine – The all new Tour Core is 6% larger and utilizes a steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to the outer region, resulting in faster ball speed and more reduced spin off the driver than ever before.

An R&D marvel – The newly formulated SlipRes Cover is the highest performing cover Bridgestone has ever produced on a golf ball. It has the highest friction coefficient rating possible, to achieve the impossible: maximum greenside spin without losing any spin from the rough AND reduced spin off the driver for longer distance. SlipRes also delivers a self-repairing cover for longer playability. More Distance – More Spin – More Playability, guaranteed!

Consistent flight in all elements – Seamless Cover Technology (SCT) is a proprietary manufacturing process that eliminates the straight part line and creates a non-uniform part line around the golf ball. The result is the most consistent golf ball in terms of accuracy, distance and trajectory ever created.

The best wind performance – Our proprietary dual dimple cover pattern feature smaller inner dimples that further reduce drag at launch for faster elevation, while the larger outer dimples promote a shallow angle of descent for increased rollout on landing. The result of the improved performance at both takeoff and landing is greater overall distance performance and more consistency in the wind.

My overall take on the new Bridgestone line-up finishes with feel. All of these golf balls have a soft yet not mushy feel to them. The B330 and B330RX do not spin as much as the S version of the same, but I couldn’t tell just by hitting them which model I was playing. If you take a moment to think about the company itself, they are in the rubber business (which is what the golf balls are made of). If I am going to trust someone with making a rubber golf ball, my consideration goes to industry leaders.  They have made the #BestBallEver

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Quick Hits:
+4 Models to fit any type of golfer
+Tour level performance in all models
+Extremely durable
+Industry leader in rubber technology

–Finding a place to get fit for the right ball