Review: Bridgestone J40 3-wood

This thing is huge
Three woods come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are thin, some have deep faces, some are wide, some are narrow, some launch high and some launch low.  The J40 is just plain huge.  When I first opened the box I was surprised by how big this head is.  I don’t know if the cc are that big, but it just looks big.  To me it kind of looks like they just deflated/smashed the driver down a little bit.  It is bigger than the other 3-woods I have reviewed.

So being huge, is that a bad thing?  Certainly not off the tee.  This is one of the most confident 3-woods I have ever hit off the tee.  It is big like a driver, yet controllable like a 3-wood.  For some it might be kind a like a “thriver”.  It is long off the tee too since it 14* verses the normal 15*.  I found it to be a few yards longer than my normal 3-wood, especially off the tee.  Even though it has a 14* loft and a PX graphite shaft, it still offered easy launch and strong carry. 

Off the turf it is huge too.  So depending on your preference on fairway woods, it might be perfect or it could be a little bigger than you like.  I didn’t find agreement with this 3 wood initially off the turf.  It took few rounds before I got what I was looking for.  I think at first it is like trying to hit a driver off the fairway, it just doesn’t look or set-up right, but with some practice you can do it.  That was how this 3-wood worked for me.  Once I got it figured out, I was bombing it off the turf.  

 I didn’t have any difficulty with elevation off the turf with this club, even though it is a 14* head.  I think the new Bridgestone j40 wood line is high-launch/low spin and this is no different probably why they went with the shafts and lofts they did.

I loved the looks of this 3-wood.  It is very clean top and bottom.  Paired with a blue PX shaft it really is a solid club.  The face isn’t tall for such a big head, but very hot and fairly forgiving.

So if you like a big 3-wood, this is it.  It looks and plays big.  The J40 3-wood from Bridgestone is very solid.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Long, yet forgiving
+Easy launching from all conditions

–size might be too big for some off the turf.