Review: Bridgestone J40 445 Driver

Solid High Launch + Low Spin
Everyone wants to hit drives like the PGA pros.  They hit them high, long and get so much roll.  Often amateurs’ drives look much different, lower, much shorter and they stop near impact.  Well the Bridgestone J40 445 driver is going to get you close to pro looking drives.   It is a high launch low spin driver that is a very solid performer.

First off the J40 line will have two drivers the 445 and the 430.  The 445 is designed to be more forgiving, a little more player friendly and normal low spin rates, while the 430 is designed to allow the best of players to work the ball and keep spin at its lowest level.

The first thing that most golfers will notice about J40 445 is how sleek it looks.  The crown, sole and shape are very traditional and sleek.  There are only minimal markings and features on the bottom.  The crown is sans alignment aid for a clean look and the shape is more on the round side.  It has a tall face which will appeal to many golfers and sets up square at address.  To round out this very solid package, it is shafted with Project X stock shaft.  I think this is a great move, no “made for who knows what shafts”, but a tour quality shaft included at the retail price.

On course I really noticed and liked the higher launch of this 9.5* driver with the Project X shaft.  I found the lower launching shaft to be a good match for this higher launching head.  It helped flatten out the flight after an initial quick ascent.  This shaft also helps keep the spin numbers down so you can get that pro looking drive, high launch and low spin.

The sound is so solid.  It is very pleasant to the ear.  It is a solid crack that feels very hot.  But what was maybe the best feature was that this high launch low spin drive was consistent with ample forgiveness.  I was really happy to see so many drives bound down the middle of the fairway.  I can’t say I picked up significant yardage, but from what I could tell I did pick up a few carry yards.  (I flew a couple bunkers I often land in.)  I was also able to keep a very high fairways hit percentage with this driver 12 of 14 on average.

Now let’s just hope that Bridgestone gets this club into the stores.  I never saw a j38 in a single store or pro-shop anywhere.  The only reason I saw one was another golfer had special ordered one, but other than that, the whole j38 line seemed non-existent to the regular consumer.   So if you can find the j40 line you will be really happy.  It is a solid club.  I really hope Bridgestone gets their clubs into store, the whole line is really solid.

So if you want a little higher launch angle, a little less spin, yet a solid forgiving driver this will be a great fit.  It comes stock with a Project X shaft (the real deal) and hit tour like drives hole after hole.

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Quick Hits
+High launch/low spin
+Solid feel
+Real Project X shaft

–Finding one in a store