REVIEW: Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood

Simple, High, and Straight Shots
What do you want your 3-wood to do? Do you use your 3-wood to replace a driver? Do you use your 3-wood to reach par 5s in two shots? Do you use your 3-wood on really tight tee shots? No matter how you use your 3-wood, if it hits high and straight, you are probably going to enjoy having it in your bag. The new Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood has a simple formula: hit the ball high and straight on every shot.
The new Bridgestone Tour B JGR line is aimed at the mid-handicap golfer.  It has a draw bias and  is higher launching.  It isn’t as strong draw bias as the driver (review here) but it does help avoid the right side.  I hit the ball straight and high on virtually every shot I hit with this club.  The shots were just towering off the tee or off the turf.  The ball climbs very quickly and just stays on the line it was hit on.

The Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood has very similar looks to the driver, with a navy almost black crown with silver and bright yellow accents.  It is a simple package with no moveable weights or adjustable hosel.  The stock Recoil ES fairway shaft has a really smooth feel and looks nice in its ion finish.  The yellow grips are obvious throughout the JGR line.  The face height in on the thin side for easy lift from just about any lie.  I was able to this 3-wood rather well even out of the rough.

The Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood has micro milled face grooves like the driver.  This feature is designed to keep the ball on the face longer for more control.  I have to say that it works.  This club just launches it straight and high.  The feel is solid with just a slight mute.  I was impress by how nice it feels as you see the ball sail down the fairway.  It also has Power Slit design and Wave Boost crown which work in conjunction to get great ball speeds and high launch.  It also has pretty good forgiveness with the variable face thickness.  The consistent launch, direction and distance happen as a result of these technologies.
On the course and on the Flightscope Xi Tour Launch monitor I had really good numbers.  Nothing that was crazy long, but solid.  The key factor wasn’t the distance, but the straightness and high launch.  I can step up to a tee box and know I’m going to stripe it.  There are a number of holes on my regular rotation of courses that require a straight shot about 235 yards.  It is point and shoot.  It also has served me well on long par 3s.  It fills the gap nicely between driver and hybrid.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood 15*

  • Spin: 3732 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 18.0*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 98.7 mph
  • Ball Speed: 140.4 mph
  • Total Distance:  237.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  228.6 yds

What do you want your 3-wood to do?  The Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood is going to go straight and high.  You’ll get really consistent distance and direction.  Simple is better, you know where it is going and you know what it will do on each shot.  High and straight is how the Bridgestone Tour B JGR hits the ball.

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Quick Hits:
+High launching
+Straight flight
+Great feel
+Thin face