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REVIEW: Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver

Monster High Drives With a Draw
Most amateur golfers fight the right side of the course.  They have a swing path that creates a slice on most shots.  While this isn’t everyone’s swing flaw, it is a problem for many golfers.  Many companies have made special drivers to correct a slice with big off-set or sliders or some other feature that attempts to correct that move.  The new Bridgetstone Tour B JGR driver is draw biased so it isn’t going to correct every slice, but it is going to favor the left side of the course.  I hit monster high draws with the driver on just about every shot.
Bridgestone has been making awesome clubs for years now, but haven’t always had the greatest retails presence to attract the consumer.  The new Tour B JGR line is going to be more aggressively marketed to the consumer.  I think this a great move since they aren’t just a players club, but a great driver for the average golfer.  The Tour B JGR driver offers a complete package that will serve the amateur golfer really well.  As I already mentioned it is externally and internally weighted for a draw bias.  I’ve had this driver in the bag for 5 rounds already and only hit 2 drives total out of 60 drives on the right side of the hole.  I knew that on every drive the ball would start out on the right side and work back to the middle.  If I put a little more of a draw swing on it, the ball would make it to the left side of the fairway.
The Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver has a bunch of technology packed into a relatively clean looking driver.  The most obvious feature is the face grooves.  We are used to seeing grooves in irons, but this driver has a power mill face design.  This tight milled groove pattern is designed to reduce spin and keep the ball on the face longer.  That paired with the Power Rib sole means the ball just jumps off the club even if it wasn’t hit on the center sweet spot.  I was really impressed with the very hot feel off the face.  The sound of this club is dialed in to just the right frequency for hot feel, but yet a pleasant crack sound at impact.
The Bridgestone Tour B JGR driver has Boost Wave Crown technology that they say are external and internal slits that allow the crown to flex to create a higher launch.  I have to say that this tech works exactly as described.  It consistently hit high drives with this club.  The driver is labeled a 9.5* head, but played slightly higher launching than a typical 9.5* head.  But I didn’t have any balloon or spin issues that caused this higher launch to be a problem.  It actually made for some really impressive ball flight.
The Bridgestone Tour B JGR driver is a great looking package too.  The crown is about as dark of navy blue as you can get before it turns into black.  The accent color is a bold yellow and the non-adjustable design with a simple “ghosted” B on the sole make this club look really cool.  The UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES Shaft has a really nice ion finish for a nice looking driver.  This was the first time I’ve played a Recoil shaft in my driver, and I have to say I was impressed by the stability.  I have them in irons and hybrids, but this makes sense to have a similar stability and consistency in a driver too.  It has a smooth feel with a higher launch.  The balance was really nice.  The club is topped with a bright yellow Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. 
My rounds with the Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver in the bag offered consistency and distance.  I hit huge drives that started on the right and worked back to the left.  They were big, high, monster drives with a nice draw on them.  I did have to be careful to not draw them too hard, but just knowing what every drive was going to do, really gave me confidence over the ball on every tee shot.  The Flightscope numbers were pretty impressive too.  Not quite as low spin as some other drivers on the market, because of the draw spin, but just as long.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver

  • Spin: 2431 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 15.8*
  • Dispersion: 7.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 108.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 161.0 mph
  • Total Distance:  295.3 yds
  • Carry Distance:  279.2 yds

If you are tired of seeing your ball go right, the Bridgestone Tour B JGR might offer the prettiest ball flight you will see in a driver; high, long and moving from right to left.  I’ve been really impressed by this driver with its consistency and predictability.  You aren’t going to loose distance and you are going to probably see a higher ball flight, which leads to some really long drives.  If you want to hit monster high drives with a little draw, this should be the club at the top of your list to demo.

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Quick Hits
+Long and high
+Draw bias
+Awesome feel
+Forgiving Face

–Only draw bias

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