Review: Bridgestone Tour B JGR Hybrid

The Easy Beasy Hybrid

I think that most amateur golfers carry a hybrid by this point in time.  I’ve yet to play with a golfer that doesn’t have one in the bag.  For many it is their bread and butter club.  Some will even carry multiple hybrids.  There are all different reasons that golfers have fallen in love with hybrids; distance, height, dispersion, control, versatility, and confidence.  I think a big key to a good hybrid is that it is easy to hit.  By that I mean that list just a sentence ago comes with little thought or difficulty.  The new  Bridgestone Tour B JGR Hybrid is one of the easiest hybrids to get great results with.  It might not blow you away in any one category, but the easy Beasy way this hybrid hits the ball will give you confidence with it in the bag.

The new Bridgestone Tour B JGR line of clubs is aimed for mid-handicap golfers.  It isn’t for scratch golfers, nor is it for guys that hit the ball over 300, nor is it really for the 3 times a year golfers that needs significant help with his game, it is for the golfer that gets out on a regular basis, but doesn’t practice too much and usually shoots around bogey golf.  These clubs will be perfect for their game and the hybrid is a key club for their bag.
The Bridgestone Tour B JGR Hybrid has the same features as the other in the JGR line; a bright yellow grip, a UST Recoil hybrid shaft, and a deep navy crown with yellow and chrome accents.  The club is a nice blend of bold and good looks.  It sets up behind the ball with some offset which many golfers can appreciate.  The milled face is part of the Bridgestone Tour B JGR wood line and the Boost Wave crown frames the ball nicely as well as creating launching power.  It is a larger hybrid head, which adds a little confidence that you won’t miss the ball.  The Power Slit designed into the sole helps with forgiveness and launch too.  There are multiple loft options, I choose the 19* 3-iron replacement hybrid to fit between the 4-iron and the 3 wood.  I’d imagine some might choose the 3 and 4 hybrids or more depending on how many other clubs they’d prefer to replace.
Getting the Bridgestone Tour B JGR Hybrid on the course was a nice partner with the other JGR clubs in the bag.  It has a draw bias like many of the clubs in the JGR line to appeal to the target market of mid-handicappers that struggle loosing the ball right.  It isn’t a hook machine thankfully, just a bias.  For the most part I hit the ball straight with this club into long par 3s or on layup shots.  It is somewhat of a point and shoot kind of club.
The Bridgestone Tour B JGR hybrid has a nice pop at impact.  The muted sound is hollow enough to feel the ball compress at impact, but quiet enough to please the ears.  I was really pleased the high launch that landed softly.  This made distance control very easy.  It isn’t the longest hybrid out there, which is ok, it is just consistent from about 210.  This fills the gap nicely between the 4-iron and the 3-wood.  The sole is also versatile enough to play it from almost any lie.  It slides through the fairway turf very smoothly for good contact and the quick launch works to get the ball out of the rough so that there is minimal loss of distance.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Bridgestone Tour B JGR 19* Hybrid

  • Spin: 4729 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 19.5*
  • Dispersion: 3.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 97.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 132.8 mph
  • Total Distance:  213.5 yds
  • Carry Distance:  206.3 yds

The Bridgestone Tour B JGR hybrid is an easy Beasy hitting club.  While it might not “wow” you in distance, it is an all around super solid performer for the mid-handicap golfer.  The draw bias, the easy launch, the point and shoot and consistent distance is going to make the golfer very happy with the results with this club in the bag.  So if you want to make golf just a little easier for yourself, check out the Bridgestone Tour B JGR hybrid.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy launch
+Solid feel
+Consistent distance
+Slight draw bias
+Good dispersion