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Review: Bridgestone B330 & B330-s Balls

A Perfect Ball Fitting
  One part of many golfers game that gets overlooked is the golf ball.  Many people will put into play any old golf ball either because of the name or the price, but few do it because it is the best ball for their game.  Bridgestone says that they have surpassed 100,000 ball fittings and they keep finding people who are playing the wrong ball.

  I decided that I would use their online fitting survey to pick the ball for me.  After inputting all my information, it spit out that I should be playing the …..(I’ll tell you at the end)

 Bridgestone has a wide variety of balls for various swing speeds and swing needs.  I’ve played Bridgestone balls before and I knew that I needed either the B330 or the B330-S.  My swing speed is too high for the B-330 RX or RXS.  I seemed to over compress those balls and they just didn’t go anywhere for me.  (Great balls for slower swing speeds by the way)

 So I took out the new Tour B-330 to give it a spin.  I noticed instantly that it is a fairly firm ball and really likes high-speed swings to compress.  When the club brings the heat, the ball jumps off its face like a rocket and just goes.  I don’t know if there is a longer ball out there.  I had some very long drives with this ball.  Off the irons it was more of the same, bring the heat, get rewarded, slower swings were kind of hard.  Around the greens the spin was moderate and controllable.  It is on the lower side of premium balls so if you are using non-conforming grooves you will get just the right amount.   The putter found this ball to be just a tad clicky.  It putted well just popped off the face quickly.

 Playing also that day as the B-330S– (a head to head competition).  This one was noticeably softer even off the driver.  It felt like it stayed on the face longer and didn’t need quite the speed to compress.  For my game I found it to be a little straighter, while that may have to do with a more controlled swing too, but either way I found a few more fairways with this one, although it was a few yards behind the B-330.  Off the irons is was a pro, it jumped off with a soft feel and then spun very nicely staying put where I hit it.  Off wedges there was also noticeably more spin, allowing even conforming grooves to spin nicely around the green.  On the putting surface you could once again tell the difference in feel.  It is simply a softer ball.  It felt like it stayed on the putter face longer too because of that soft feel.

   In the head to head competition, the B-330 was longer, firmer and spun less, but I scored better and approached closer with the B-330 S.  I found both balls to be rather durable.  I think the new grooves help, but Bridgestone has always done a good job of making a very durable urethane cover.  The only scuffing came from the cart path, and no ball can withstand that.  While these are the newest version of Bridgestone balls, they aren’t a drastic change from previous versions.  This can be both a positive and a negative.  If you like the older versions, you won’t be disappointed, but if you are looking from some very different you won’t find that either.  The core is said to be a new compound, but to the naked eye you can’t tell.

 I bet you’d never guess which ball Bridgestone’s online fitting suggested—That’s right the B-330 S.  I have a feeling they’ve got this ball fitting down.  If you swing for the fences (and reach them) the B-330 is for you, but for my game the B-330 S is a perfect fit.

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–Not a major change over previous versions (can be a positive too)

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