Review: Bushnell Pro X7 Rangefinder w/ JOLT

The Laser Leader Gets a JOLT to Stay on Top!
Bushnell has been the leading Rangefinder on tour since they introduced their first model for golf.  The original 1500/1600 model was the gold standard for numerous years and still is a great rangefinder.  But others have been catching up with Bushnell by introducing new technologies that Bushnell didn’t offer.  In 2014 the X7 Rangefinder w/JOLT jumps back to the top as the best rangefinder on the market.
The first thing that sets the Pro X7 apart from other rangefinders is the magnification.  It is the only one with x7 power.  The others max out at x6.  While that one power doesn’t seem like much on paper, on the course, it is noticeable how much clearer and closer object get with that extra x1.

Pinseeker technology has always been a mainstay of the Bushnell laser rangefinders, but the Pro X7 has the latest and greatest version of it; E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Speed. Precision.).  Pair that with JOLT, there is almost no time lapse between pushing the button and getting the distance plus a nice little vibration(JOLT) to know you did.  I rarely shot a pin twice with this technology.  I did find though that it will JOLT on other thin objects like fence posts or narrow trees  behind the green.  If you happen to be on a course with those object behind the green, you may want to shoot twice just to confirm you hit the flag and not an object in the background.  It JOLTs anytime you shoot a yardage and the object is narrower.  I found people on the green will cause it to JOLT just like a pin.  Obviously anything with a prism is a dead lock instantly, but even non-prismed items could get a good read and lock extremely fast.

Bushnell improved a couple items that I felt they had fallen behind on.  Their display is now Vivid, with red numbers which are much easier to read, and are really bright no matter the lighting conditions.  The old LCD black at times was hard to read.  Possibly if someone is colorblind maybe the red is difficult, but because it is so bright I don’t think even they will have an issue.

The battery cover is also much improved.  I remember having the battery cover pop off numerous times with the 1600 model, but the new cover remains in place no matter how rough you handle the rangefinder.  Bushnell also moved from a 9v battery to a 3v camera style battery.  While it might not be quite as convenient, I think the size difference is the biggest factor.  I haven’t had the Pro X7 long enough to know if the battery life will be a benefiting factor in the change, but I would imagine based on other products I’ve used with a 3v battery, it should last most of a season on one battery.

Bushnell includes an excellent carrying case for the Pro X7.  It is a zippered square case with a carabiner to clip onto your bag.  It also has a bungee strap that can be hooked to close the case so you don’t need to use the zipper every time you want to remove the rangefinder.  It works very well on the course. 

All these features come in the largest rangefinder on the market too.  While not huge, it does take up significantly more space in my push cart console.  It still fits, but trying to keep my rangefinder, wallet, cell phone and a couple golf balls doesn’t quite fit.  Not that I need all that stuff in there, I’m just used to having it all there with a smaller rangefinder.  The benefit of the large size of the unit is that it really is designed for two-hand usage which keeps it steadier for shooting distances.  It is also held horizontal instead of vertical like the smaller ones.  This too makes it very easy to use and stable.

Bushnell is the #1 laser rangefinder on tour.  They added features to the Pro X7 to keep in at the top of the market.  The improvements are significant and function extremely well during play.  If you don’t mind the bigger size, this is the best rangefinder Bushnell has put out.  The Pinseeker tech w/ JOLT is amazing.  The x7 optics still offer the strongest magnification of an laser making it clearer, easier and quicker to shoot yardages to pins.  The Bushnell is the leading laser rangefinder and it just got a JOLT to stay on top with the Pro X7.

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Quick Hits:
+JOLT technology signals an acquired target
+ESP2 is amazingly fast and accurate
+x7 magnification
+Vivid display
+Secure battery cover
+Great case

–Biggest rangefinder

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