Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder Review

The Best Rangefinder Just Went NEXT Level

This is my official Bushnell Pro XE Rangerfinder review..

I recently got my hands on this insane rangefinder and have lots to share about it.

These are my thoughts and my experience!

Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder – Overview
Bushnell has been king of the hill pretty much since laser rangefinders were first introduced to the golfing world. They have been able to dominate the market by keeping ahead of the competition and always having the best rangefinder available. From time to time a competitor has made a threat to their dominance, only to have Bushnell improve their product again. This year however, Bushnell went NEXT level and jumped way out ahead of the competition. Sure there are low priced models attracting the thrifty golfer, but the Pro XE is by far the best laser rangefinder for golf.
I kind of thought that the Bushnell Pro model that had been in my bag for 2 season was about as good as it could get.  I didn’t even know there was a next level until the Pro XE came out.  There are so many new features in the Pro XE model that will blow you away.  I’ll start with the biggest technological advance which is the Elements Compensation.  While from time to time, these might have been things we thought about if we were playing golf in the winter or in Denver, but under “normal” conditions we rarely thought about temperature and barometric pressure (closely connected to elevation).  The Bushnell Pro XE can calculate the difference between sea level in WI in the fall and mountain elevation in AZ in the summer.  This is  an additional calculation that is also compensated with slope.  So basically the Bushnell Pro XE takes the line of sight distance and then adds or subtracts yardage for temperature, pressure and slope.
Does Elements Compensation work?  I had the opportunity to test it while traveling this fall and playing golf in WI, AZ and CA.  Every round was under very different temperatures and elevations.  I was impressed by the accuracy of the calculations.  I had a couple of holes that were drastically different than just line of sight, but I trusted the Bushnell Pro XE and it was spot on.  I am fairly dialed in with my club yardages and hit the club the compensated yardage was and it turned out perfect.  I had a hot mountain shot in AZ that said 177 line of sight but playing 160.  I hit my 160 club to about 4 feet; my 177 club would have been off the back of the green.  I had the opposite happen in WI. It was cool and low and I had to club up according to the Elements Compensation and again, it was pin high, just a couple feet left.  If you don’t have Elements Compensation you are missing out on a more accurate distance.  Yes, it is like slope and not legal for tournament play, but practice rounds and fun rounds, this is simply the best.  If you are playing in a tournament, the slider on the side will easily turn those features off.
The Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder also went back to the 7x magnification which I appreciate.   While I can see just fine with the 6x, I think the 7x is just better for zooming in on pins or other objects for getting the most accurate measurement to exactly what you want.  It seems to be kind of the sweet spot for a compact rangefinder, ease of use and clear optics for a rangefinder.  Along with the 7x optics, they are crystal clear and have an even brighter LED display.  This along with the new Visual Pinseeker Jolt notification makes it easy to know if you are locked in.  It is a halo type ring in the display that flashes along with the vibration that confirms Pinseeker.  The display shows line of sight distance and then adjust distance for elements and slope.
The Bushnell Pro XE has one of the most convenient features on a rangefinder yet, the BITE magnetic cart mount.  This is integrated into the rangefinder so you can stick it to the cart for easy access.  You don’t need to take up a cup holder or have it bouncing around in the glovebox, but can have it always at the ready attached to any metal bar of the cart.  The only down side of this is the potential of forgetting it on the cart.  (that could happen to any rangefinder left in the cup holder too)  This new location for your rangefinder is excellent for play, just make sure to take it with you when you are done.
The Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder is also going to last a long time with its waterproof case and rubberized features.  It has a nice heft in your hand which makes it really stable to hold, but the outer shell can take a beating too.  The shell is well shaped for holding and with the rubberized details it should survive an accidental drop or two.  Also if you get caught playing in the rain, this unit is waterproof which means you can use it during any conditions with no worries.  The other consistent feature of laser rangefinders that I prize is that it will almost always be ready to go for my round of golf without recharging it, often the whole golf season.
The Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder just went NEXT level awesome.  Bushnell was already the king of the hill, they now just became king of the mountain and there isn’t anybody close.  I realize this rangefinder costs as much as a new driver, but in terms of accuracy, the Pro XE is simply the best.  The 7x optics, waterproof rubberized shell, slope, Elements Compensation, Visual Pinseeker Jolt and the Bite magnetic mount take this laser rangefinder to the NEXT level.  When they say it is “Simply The Best Golf Laser Ever Made”; they are 100% correct.

Check the price online here

Available on Amazon here

For more information: www.bushnellgolf.com/pro-xe

Quick Hits:
+ Outstanding optics
+ Elements Compensation is legit
+ Slope
+ Accuracy
+ Bite magnetic mount is convienent
+ Easy to read display
+ Visual Pinseeker Jolt

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