Review: Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder

This Laser Does Everything

If you were to build the best laser rangefinder you could, what features would it have?  It would be accurate, it would have some sort of pin locking technology, it would have option for slope/no slope, it would have crystal clear optics, it would fit perfectly in your hand, it would have optional display colors, and it would hit the ball the exact yardage it measures for you.  Ok, besides that last one, the other features would make for just about the perfect laser rangefinder.  Bushnell put all those features into the Tour X Laser rangefinder.  This laser does everything.  (except hit the ball)


The Bushnell Tour X is their first laser rangefinder with a removable face-plate for both slope and non-slope ability for USGA approved usage.  While they aren’t the first to do something like this, it does get them up to speed with the best of the laser rangefinders.  It is really easy to install or uninstall.  The storage is on the bottom of the case in a little microfiber bag.  It can’t take more than 10 seconds to change out the face-plates.

Another new feature is the shape of the Tour X.  It really isn’t like any of their other models.  It has an ergonomic  squeeze point for vertical operation.  It is smaller than the Pro X7 and bigger than Z6 or V3.  The bigger size makes it stable in your hands but not big and awkward.  It seems like just about perfect for one hand operation.  It has rubber slip-resistant sections that keep it firmly in place while holding it.  I also like that it is mostly white for an easier reminder if you leave it on the tee-box or fairway after getting a yardage.

Another new feature is the ability to change the display color to either red or black.  Depending on the lighting and color-blindness one or the other works best for seeing the yardages displayed in the eye-piece.  While the picture below the black numbers comes out much clearer, I usually preferred to use it in the red setting.


On the course, this is pretty much the best laser you can buy.  It jolts when it hits the pin so you know that it is locked on, prism or not.  It is fast and accurate on every shot.  I got almost no “chatter” yardages from other objects behind or near the pin.  The slope calculations worked really well when I was playing with the red face-plate on.  It comes in handy for a friendly round, especially on a hilly course.  The black plate is certainly for the more serious round.  Everything is the same, except you get no additional slope information. 

The case is nice to clip onto the side of your bag or because the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is a good compact size, it fits really nicely in my Clicgear 3.5+ glovebox.  Like always the battery life is good.  I only have about 8 rounds in with this unit, but I expect like all laser rangefinders to not worry about the battery for about a year.  It is one of the main reasons I always go back to laser.

The Bushnell Tour X rangefinder is the ultimate laser rangefinder.   It’s speed, accuracy, ease of use, slope/no slope, red/black display along with a near perfect size and weight make it the best laser rangefinder you can buy.  This laser does everything. (expect hit the ball)

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Excellent size and weight
+Slope/no slope face-plate option
+Red/black display choice
+Pinseeker tech with Jolt
+Fast and accurate
+Long battery life

–Not cheap for all these features