REVIEW: Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

Everyone Needs a Reliable Wingman

It doesn’t matter if you are flying fighter jets or hanging with your buddies, everyone needs a reliable wingman.  The whole point of a wingman is to support your attack/game.  If they let you down in the heat of the moment, failure is possible.  The Bushnell Wingman is both GPS and Bluetooth Speaker.  It combines 2 of the common support accessories for golfers, music and distance.  You don’t need multiple devices to do one good Wingman can do.

While I still can’t say I’ve given into peer pressure about music/speakers on the course, but I’m finding the growing trend on virtually every course I play; people are listening to music while playing golf.   Portable music has been around since I was a kid and boomboxes adorned the shoulders of young people.  Those young people are now middle aged golfers and rather than that large boombox, now we have small bluetooth speakers connected to our favorite app on our phone.  The Bushnell Wingman is an excellent speaker.  The “can” design is excellent for sound in all direction.  The shape fits nicely into just about pocket in your golf bag.  It also fits in a cupholder if you choose not to use the BITE magnet.
The Bushnell Wingman as a speaker has great sound even turned up.  There was little to no distortion at higher volumes.  I compared it to my UE Boom Speaker and came away impressed.  It connected easily to my iPhone and played music nicely on the course.  I really like the BITE magnet to free up cupholder space.  Even though the speaker is a solid pound or two, the BITE magnet never flinched.  This speaker stays locked in place on the cart roof arm.
What makes the Bushnell  Wingman unique is the built in GPS.  It will silence the music for just a couple seconds when you arrive at a new hole to let you know the yardage or when you press the button requesting current yardage where ever you are on the course.  The front, middle and back yardage is accurate calling on the same satellites as their other GPS units.   The ball marker button is great feature.  You keep the poker chip size ball marker/button in your pocket and give it a squeeze any time you need a yardage.  Instantly the Bushnell Wingman supports you with yardage.
 The Bushnell Wingman isn’t completely a stand alone unit, you need to connect it to your phone. The music and GPS information as well as the course selection all start with your phone. If you want you can even answer calls through the speaker. It acts much like any other Bluetooth speakers with the added GPS bonus. There are however some well thought out bonus features like the ability to charge your phone from the Wingman. It also has some clapping and taunting cheers embedded into the speaker if you depress the button longer. It really is true wingman.

Bushnell is the leader in on-course distance measuring devices.  The Bushnell Wingman takes them to new places with the combination of GPS and Bluetooth speaker.  They executed it near perfectly with BITE technology, easy Bluetooth connection and the ball marker button.  It is reliable and accurate along with great sound.  The combination of one devices means you can head to the course with one device ready to go for your next round or two.  Everyone needs a reliable Wingman, Bushnell’s GPS and Speaker might be just what you need to enjoy your round.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to use GPS
+Great sound
+Smooth Bluetooth connection
+Long battery life
+Ball marker button
+BITE magnet

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