Butterfly Divot Tool Review

Fun and Function for Repairing Ball Marks


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I fixed my ball marks with a Butterfly Divot Tool during my last 3 rounds of golf. It is a mini version of a butterfly knife that has a divot fork instead of a blade.  This tool not only offers ball mark repair function, but it also serves as a fun little conversation piece. 

This is the definitive Butterfly Divot Tool Review for 2024.


When I was growing up butterfly knives and nun-chucks were mesmerizing “weapons” that were twirled around like magic.  How did the user not hurt themselves as they flipped and twisted that sharp blade out of the butterfly knife?  Personally I never owned a butterfly knife, but admired the dedicated artists who spun their knives for fun.  The Butterfly Divot Tool recalls those memories and recreates that fun for golfers.  Now you can flip, twist, turn and mesmerize your golfing buddies with a small yet safe Butterfly Divot Tool.


The Butterfly Divot Tool is a fun way to fix ball marks.  Even if you can’t master any of the advanced flips, twists and opening tricks, the basic flip of the tool to open is very satisfying. It fits easily in the palm of your hand and with a simple swing, it opens. The same swinging motion closes it too.  If you watch butterfly knife tutorials you can learn to impress your fellow golfers with a host of tricks.  Even if you hit your ball to the complete wrong side of the green leaving a 60′ putt, you can still smile as you fix you ball mark with the Butterfly Divot Tool. A side benefit is if you are a fidgety person, this tool can satisfy that need while waiting on the tee-box or standing in the fairway waiting for the green to clear during slow play.


The Butterfly Divot Tool isn’t just a gimmick; it works. The aluminum handles paired with stainless steel double prong blade makes for a sturdy ball mark repair tool.  It can really “move earth” to put the grass back in place so that the putting surface is back to “normal”.  Like all divot tools, using properly is the key.  Pull grass inward don’t pop it skyward to preserve the roots and protect the grass.  The fork is strong for the toughest of turf.  It also has a dual bottle opener so no matter if you are right or left handed it is easy to crack open a cold one.  It has nice heft in the pocket and opens to good functional size.  It comes in 3 color choice, all of which I really like, red, black or silver.

Ball Marker

Not all divot tools include a ball marker.  The Butterfly Divot Tool has a small magnetic marker on one “arm” of the butterfly handle.  It is small.  While there are some benefits to the small marker for fellow golfers, it can be hard to spot when looking to replace your ball.  It is also really small to reattach to the Butterfly Divot Tool.  I know the debate about small or big ball markers is out there and I tend to fall on the bigger is better side of that debate. Personally I’ll be using a bigger ball marker most of the time, but this small one will work in a bind.


The Butterfly Divot Tool is a fun and functional ball mark repair tool.  It has a nostalgic feeling along with really solid ball mark repair function.  At $20 it offers a solid value for both fun and function.  The tool works great on greens and the “butterfly” fun works anywhere on the course when you need to show off or just kill some time while waiting. There are more colors coming so you can find your favorite one to fix your ball marks on the green while having a little fun.  Can you master all the Butterfly Divot Tool moves?

For More Information: Butterfly Divot Tool Website

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