Review: Callaway Apex Hybrid

Confidence Breeds Success / Success Breeds Confidence
Golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. If you believe in your game and are confident that you can make a shot, you have a good chance of pulling it off, especially staring down a difficult shot. If you standing on the 18th tee of a match, and all you need to do is hit the fairway, what club are you going to pull out? What club in your bag are you most confident in hitting? The Callaway Apex hybrid just became you “go-to” club in tight, knee-knocking, accuracy required situations. I’ve become more and more confident with this club as it continues to offer amazing on course success.
I’ve pretty much had a Callaway Hybrid in the bag for the last 2 seasons.  The X2Hot just kept going back in the bag after I would experiment with something else. The Apex doesn’t look too much different, just a slightly taller toe, with a more boxy look to it.  The overall size is pretty much the same.  The black sole is paired with dark grey crown for a really nice look at address.  The sole weight offers just a little more solid feel on impact.  The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft is a perfect balance of feel, weight and stability in this head.  I played the 20* hybrid which a great fit for my bag in terms of height and distance. Overall it is in the tradition of Callaway hybrids since Chip Brewer has been at the helm.
The Callaway Apex hybrid made an easy transition right into my bag because it is similar to past versions I’ve played.  The reason that it is staying in the bag is because of the on-course “rinse and repeat” results.  I was messing around on a practice round and hit 5 balls off the tee on a long par 3.  They were all within a 5 yard circle.  The flight pattern and landing spots were all identical.  It was almost surreal to see the exact same shot 5 times in a row.  That is also the results I’m seeing from all the other shots I hit with this club too.  High, strong, and about a 2 yard draw ball flight, shot after shot after shot.  I’m getting a very consistent 205 yard of distance as well.  I also liked that I could get these consistent results from almost any lie.  Off the tee was virtually the same as off the fairway and out of the rough wasn’t much different as long as it was actually playable rough.
The on-course success is no fluke; the Flightscope LM data revealed the same things I was seeing on the course as reality with this club.  The Callaway Apex Hybrid is the most consistent club I’ve ever hit.  The repeatable ball flight, the control and consistency are outstanding.  I can’t say I picked up yards with this hybrid, which I didn’t want anyways, but accuracy went up.  As I gain more confidence with every shot I hit with this club, the success of trying to pull off other shots happens too.  I’ve hit some creative shots with this club too.  A big draw over trees and a knock-down cut to stay out of the wind have been a couple shots I’ve pulled off.  I wouldn’t have tried them with other clubs but I was pretty confident that I could do it with the Apex.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Callaway Apex 20* Hybrid

  • Spin: 4833 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 18.8*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 94.0 mph
  • Ball Speed: 135.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  211.8 yds
  • Carry Distance:  205.1 yds

The Callaway Apex Hybrid just became my favorite club in the bag.  I have the most confidence in that club that I will hit a successful shot with it.  If there was money on the line or I just had to find the fairway, this would be the club in my hands.  It hits the same shots over and over which is really what all levels of golfers are looking for.  Check it out if you aren’t confident in your hybrid, but this club offers confidence which breeds success.

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Quick Hits
+Great looks
+Excellent feel
+Super tight dispersion
+Consistent results
+Easy to hit from any lie

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