REVIEW: Callaway Coronado Golf Shoes

Style, Comfort, Grip and Bonus
I think golf shoes need to do 3 things.  They need to fit your style.  I’d imagine that this is the number one reason for most shoe selections.  The second will also be a deciding factor is comfort.  We now come to expect out of the box comfort on golf shoes.  The third is what sets them apart as golf shoes and not something else is that they offer grip for walking and during the swing.  If a shoe checks off those boxes, it is worthy of being a golf shoe you wear.  The Callaway Coronado golf shoes checks all those boxes and has a bonus box with their support of the Fairways for Warriors foundation.
Style is always a personal preference.  Some golfers like tradition saddle shoes, other like a modern tennis shoe look while others like more flair in their golf shoe.  I think I’ve talked to golfers in every camp about the Callaway Coronado golf shoe and they all said that these are some nice looking shoes.  I’m super impressed that a shoe with camo on it can look so classy.  The all white shoe with just a small amount of grey digital camo looks amazing.  If you are looking for a nice white golf shoe, these are about as stylish as the come.  While the fact that these shoes offer great waterproof protection isn’t exactly tied to the style, it is a nice feature on wet days.  Plus the white cleans off nicely keeping them looking good.

This is typically the top quality I am looking for in a shoe.  The days of breaking in a shoe should be over.  The materials and designs should be made in a way that you can take a pair of shoes out of the box at the course and wear them for your round without pain or blisters.  The Callaway Coronado golf shoes did just that.  I thought maybe they would be stiff or lack padding when I first saw them, but once I slid my foot into them, it knew the comfort would hold for all 18 holes.  They are very comfortable in the heel area with ample padding and the leather uppers flex nicely.  I was also happy that my typical 9.5 M size fit perfectly.

I have become a big fan of spikeless shoes since I can wear them off the course too.  But I understand the extra grip that spikes offer.  I don’t have major slippage problems when I play in spikeless, but certain conditions do lead to an occasional slip, especially when I “swing out of my shoes”.  The Callaway Coronado golf shoes however offer Velcro like grip to the ground.  There wasn’t ever a single hint of slippage.  Their stable build and aggressive spikes, meant even in the most extreme of situations, I was not going to have to worry about slipping.  It’s not just the slip of one foot or loss of traction, but these really feel like you are stuck to the ground during your swing, which can be beneficial to some golfers who have too much foot movement. 

The Bonus with the Callaway Coronado golf shoes is the support of the Fairways for Warriors Foundation.  This organization provides hope, healing, and camaraderie for combat wounded veterans and their families.  The non-profit recognizes that the physical wounds make life a struggle, but also the mental wounds are often more difficult to overcome.  This is a big bonus when buying a pair of golf shoe that you can help a wounded soldier out in the process.

I don’t necessarily think Callaway when it comes to golf shoes, but these Coronado shoes really are impressive.  They are very stylish, have amazing comfort right out of the box and offer excellent grip.  The bonus is their support of Fairways for Warriors.  You might just want to give these shoes a look if you are search for your next pair of golf shoes.

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Quick Hits:
+Digital camo and white look really cool
+Amazing comfort from soft padding
+Spikes really grip the ground
+Look good still after multiple rounds
+Support of Fairways for Warriors