REVIEW: Callaway Coronado v2 SL Shoes

Spikeless Shoes With the Most Traction
I’ve moved almost exclusively to spikeless golf shoes. I like the convenience and off-course usage of a spikeless shoe. With the shift in style of golf shoes, it is not like wearing saddle shoes around the office all day or some orthopedic looking walker like the old spikeless shoes were. The only complaint against spikeless shoes tends to be traction. No matter how many lugs or nubs or patterns, it seems spikeless don’t seem to have as much gripping power as spiked shoes. The Callaway Coronado v2 SL shoes offer superior traction to many spikeless shoes, but it comes with a slight trade-off.
The Callaway Coronado v2 shoes come in spiked or spikeless.  They have a combo of leather and woven materials for their uppers.  This creates a very comfortable and flexible shoe right out of the box.  I obviously went with the spikeless version since that is always the model I’m drawn to.   The color combos and patterns of the Coronado v2 shoes is excellent.  I went with the navy palette which has touches of red as well as some navy camo.  This combination is stunning.  This rank as one of the better looking shoes on the market.  The combination of textures and colors that look great together and offer a sophisticated look without being “flashy.”
The Callaway Coronado v2 SL shoes has a unique spikeless sole.  It is not the soft rubber like many spikeless shoes, but a harder plasticy like sole.  The sole has sharper nubs on it which really grip the ground.   It there are lots of leaves on the ground these shoes will pick up a few during the round.  They do eventually fall off after a number of steps.  The tread is very aggressive and locks your feet to the ground as strong as any shoe I’ve worn.  I can put these up against spiked shoes in terms of traction.  The only downside of this sole is the fact that it is plasticy which clicks on harder floors and can even be a bit slick on tile floors.  So tread with caution in the 6th hole bathroom break because they can be a little slippery.  They are great on turf and carpet, ok on dry concrete, but be cautions on wet hard surfaces, these don’t grip.
The Callaway Coronado v2 SL shoe has comfort and support features that make it a solid performer in all categories of a golf shoe.  The ForgedFoam midsole sounds like an iron design, but makes for a nice soft step yet nice rebound on each step so it isn’t too squishy.  The CounterLok heel stabilizer wraps around the back of the foot for excellent stability during even the most aggressive swings.  That way you can try and “swing out of your shoes” without actually worrying about coming out of them.  They also have a 2 year waterproof warranty so you can brave the elements, sweep the dew or trudge through some squishy turf.
The Callaway Coronado v2 SL shoes offer amazing comfort, great style and excellent grip, but as an everyday shoe, might not be the best option for the office or date night.  There is still a trade off, but it isn’t as extreme as spiked shoes which require changing before and after golf.  You can wear these off the course comfortably and safely, but maybe not every day and every where.  They do however offer the most traction I’ve ever seen in a spikeless shoe.

The Callaway Coronado v2 SL shoes are connected with the Fairways for Warriors foundation so that a purchase of these shoes will benefit a great organization.  This mean you can get a great looking shoe, comfortable out of the box, very stable with excellent traction.  If you want the benefits of spikeless, but a little more traction, these are a great compromise.

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Quick Hits:
+Superior traction for a spikeless
+Amazing out of the box comfort
+Great style
+Fairways for Warriors

–Plastic outsole is a little slippery on firm surfaces

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