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Is Your Hybrid Super?

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I have used the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid for 9 rounds of golf.  I used it as a 3-wood replacement and as a traditional hybrid. Callaway makes a number of hybrid options, but this is the only “super” model.  They packed driver technology into a compact, nice-looking hybrid.     

This is the definitive Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Review for 2021.


Virtually all golfers carry a hybrid.  The loft and style vary greatly on ability, preferred look, and distance gapping. Many golfers have found that is is one of the clubs in their bag that they hit the best.  I play with golfers that use a hybrid more than any other club in their bag.  They tee off with it, hit long shots with it and even hit the bump and run chip shots with it.  If it gets that much use, wouldn’t it be great if it was “super”?  The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid comes in a variety of lofts and has driver technology which creates an amazing package.

The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid  has jailbreak technology which connects the crown and sole with rods right behind the face.  It allows for maximum energy from club to ball.  The face technology paired with jailbreak means the ball comes off hot, hot! Not only is it hot, it is about as forgiving as any hybrid out there.

The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid is middle of the road in terms of size.  It is wood like, but compact.  The face is fairly tall and front to back it isn’t too big.  I like the minimal offset and only medium toe.  The adjustable hosel allows you to dial in the specs even more than most hybrids.  It sits flat and square at address with enough beef behind the ball for confidence, but not so much it looks like a 3-wood.

I went with a 16* Callaway Epic Super Hybrid to see if I could ditch my 3-wood and play this in its place. I would then play a 3-iron in the bag and cover my gaps between driver and 4-iron.  The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid has a shorter Steelfiber shaft than 3-woods.  This does create a little distance challenge with creating clubhead speed.  It does however improve consistency.  I did adjust the hosel 1* stronger to get it to 15* just like my 3-woods.  This is the longest hybrid I’ve ever hit, but it was 5 yards short of my 3-wood on average.  While at that distance that probably isn’t a game changer, but I was never able to carry 235+ with the Super hybrid which I can with my 3-wood.  The jury is still out on 3-wood replacement.  However, as a hybrid, this thing is perfect.  I could go 1* weaker and hit those perfect 215 shots on repeat.  It is super consistent with direction and distance.


Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 2982 rpms

 Launch Angle: 17.5*

Dispersion: 4.0 yds

 Club Head Speed: 100.6 mph

 Ball Speed: 141.7 mph

 Total Distance: 247.1 yds

 Carry Distance: 234.7 yds


The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid is super.  It can bomb the ball yet do it consistently the same.  I really like the technology packed into this club.  I think picking the right loft will be important for your bag and needs.  If you are going for hybrid replacement get a little higher loft, if you are going for 3-wood replacement get the lower loft.  The consistency will help it beat out “non-super” clubs.

Check the price online here

For more information: Callaway Website

Callaway Epic Super Hybrid – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Callaway is always looking for ways to make the most technologically advanced clubs. By incorporating driver technolgy they created a "Super" hybrid.

  • ✅  Pros: LONG, Easy to hit, Driver technology, Consistent, Bigger size.

  • ⛔  Cons: Not compact shape, maybe not full 3-wood replacement.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Callaway created a Super hybrid. It has driver technology which makes it easy to hit, super forgiving and crazy long. Is your hybrid SUPER?


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