REVIEW: Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood

AI Learned How to Make a 3-Wood Better
Callaway has been using AI for the last couple models of woods which they have produced. Artificial Intelligence has been able to create clubs based on golfers needs. Super computers can think through and analyze every situation to come up with the best solution. After the first generation was built, they kept AI running to see what improvements it could make. The Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood incorporates those improvements. While it isn’t drastically new/different, the subtle changes that AI discovered make for a better 3-wood.
Callaway woods have been my “gamers” for the last few seasons.  I just can’t find woods that perform as well, fit my needs as well and offer as much confidence season after season like the Callaway woods do.  The MAVRIK line takes the previous AI designs and improves in a few areas, most notably sound.  While I know that sound doesn’t impact performance, it does change how we think about a club.  Much of golf is mental, not purely physical so a better sounding club makes us feel that the club will perform better leading to confidence with every swing.  The muted sound is much more pleasant on the ears.  Most of this has to do with the new Flash Face SS20 and improved T2C Carbon Crown.
The Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood has a slightly different face shape.  It has a little taller toe.  This pulls a will weight that direction, but also adds some hitting space where a common miss occurs.  I’ve personally see numerous ball marks high and on the toe on my 3-wood.  This new face shape offers a little more forgiveness.  While this has been common in hybrids for years, this is a newer addition to a 3-wood.  It isn’t so pronounced that it will annoy anyone, but you will notice it if you look, especially if you hit one high on the toe.
The Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood also dialed in the turf interaction with the leading edge shape.  It is important that the golfer can get the middle of the face on the ball repeatedly.  That often is dictated by the leading edges ability to slide through the grass and get under the ball without digging or bouncing.  I really appreciate how AI designed the leading edge different for each fairway wood model because 3-woods are slightly different from 5-woods.
The Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood doesn’t have an adjustable hosel, which is just fine by me.  While adjustablity is great, it rarely is used.  I more often than not just leave it alone and hit the ball.  Maybe at initial fitting I change a setting slightly, but then never touch it after that.  The glue hosel of the MAVRIK Sub-Zero makes sense.  It allow for better weight manipulation and reduces any confusion or playing around with settings.  You can adjust the weights in the front and back of the head to change some spin rates, but this really is a club to just grab and go.  It is set up really well right off the shelf.
The new shaft offerings in the Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood are very pleasing.  The Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI shaft is so solid.  The flight is strong and low but yet maintains a smooth feel.  The Golf Pride Align grip also sits in the hands very nicely.  When you take the grip, the shaft and this head, it really has a very neutral flight pattern.  Everything just wants to make this club go straight.  For me this is the most important feature of a 3-wood.  I need to find fairways and greens and I need the ball to stay on its line.  This inspires confidence on the course and improves scores.  Along with being straight it is plenty long.  The Sub-Zero model keeps the spin low so you get plenty of roll on shots but yet has just enough spin to still have some stopping power into greens.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero 3-wood

  • Spin: 2341 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 15.1*
  • Dispersion: 4.1 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 101.2 mph
  • Ball Speed: 150.9 mph
  • Total Distance:  264.5 yds
  • Carry Distance:  241.3 yds

I appreciate what AI was able to do with the new Callaway MAVRIK Sub-Zero 3-wood.  It took all things that had me playing the Epic Flash 3-wood and improved it in ways that made it better for my game.  The improved sound, the better shape and cleaner leading edge make this club a “keeper”.  The on-course performance has lead to numerous looks at eagle as well as many tight fairways hit with ease.  If you need low spin neutral flight and strong launch, check out the Callaway Sub-Zero MAVRIK 3-wood.

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent sound
+Low spin
+Straight flight
+Flat launch

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