REVIEW: Callaway Oceanside LX Shoes

The Course, The Office, and Everywhere Else in These Shoes
Southern California boasts an active, busy lifestyle with great weather everyday.  This means on any given day you might go to work, play golf and go out on the town or to the beach.  The Callaway Oceanside LX shoe is perfect for this lifestyle as it offers all-day comfort, excellent on course grip (+ waterproof) as well as some nice style to go out on the town or even to the beach.   It is a very versatile shoe that is simple enough to not draw attention, but stylish enough that it looks great with just about everything.
The Callaway Oceanside LX shoes keep it simple in either black or white.  I went with the white option, which I think looks awesome with pants, shorts, jeans, or just about anything I wear them with.  They are simple in tone, but have a nice smooth style with just a little grey wrapping about the heel.  They are all leather so they stay shaped nicely and look like new even after multiple rounds and many days of wearing them.  They have a great California vibe about them in the style department.

While golfers care about style, function is really the biggest key.  The Callaway Oceanside LX shoe offers amazing comfort right out of the box.  They have thick padding around the heel area which means your ankle is well supported but there is no cutting into the achilles.  They also have a soft foam midsole which reacts with each step to offer some cushion without getting squishy.  It rebounds nicely when pressure is applied while walking 18 holes.  I had minimal foot fatigue after a round of golf.  The insole has significant cushion too so your foot is walking on very soft materials, but enough support so that during the swing, you still feel grounded.

The Callaway Oceanside LX shoe is a spikeless shoe which transitions nicely from the course to the car.  Actually I just wear these all day, even if I’m not golfing.  I like the soft rubber used on the outsole so that these have a nice feel even when walking on a smooth tile or concrete surface.   The combination of nubs on the outside of the foot and the hex pattern on the inside of the foot creates traction for walking and swinging.  The flex lines of the sole also help them grip nicely on the course.  The different ways that the sole grips the ground works well on grass but is also comfortable off the course.  They aren’t your slippery weather, lock to the ground, kind of shoe; but for 90% of your rounds they are going to have more than adequate traction.

The Callaway Oceanside LX shoe impressed me with its simple style, yet great comfort and traction on or off the course.  I don’t need bright colors or flashy shoes, sometimes less is more.  The ample padding, nice foam cushion and soft spikeless traction made these a great option for most rounds of golf.  I really feel like these are an extremely versatile shoe for a busy and active lifestyle.  They can go from the course to the office to out on the town.  You can wear them all day everyday.

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Quick Hits:
+Great style
+Awesome comfort
+Excellent cushion
+Nice grip
+On or off the course