Review: Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

Now fully adjustable for a perfect fit
I had the i-mix FT-9 in my bag for almost 2 seasons and really liked it.  But it lacked some adjustability that I desired for a perfect fit to my game.  The weight and face angle were close, but after some launch monitor testing, I found I needed something a little different.  So I didn’t have a Callaway driver in my bag at all last year.  But in 2012 I was able to go back to a Callaway driver in my bag.  The RAZR Fit has all the qualities I am looking for in an adjustable driver.

Let’s start with the new features.  The I-mix system is out.  It was a great start, but really only allowed for changing shafts.  The Fit system allows you to change shafts and face angle.  Another great move by Callaway is the availability of tips.  You can buy the through a couple of different retail sellers for $25.  While the new tips are great, they only offer limited adjustability, closed, open, or square.  They do have a Tour Authentic tip too, but those are much harder to come by.
Also new are adjustable weights. They can be changed out to alter flight some, but especially to change feel and swingweight.  The weight kit doesn’t come with the club, but you can track one down through a retailer.

What they didn’t change is the composite forged feel of the head.  Going back a few generations now, the FT and RAZR series have had a composite top allowing for weight to be relocated in the head for optimized launch and spin, this was later emphasized in their X Hot Driver model.

Compared to the FT-9, the Fit is a little more compact looking.  I really love how it sets up behind the ball.  Sans alignment aid it just looks perfect to my eye.  It also doesn’t have the cupped face seam right across the top of the head.  It really is a very clean look.  The Fit hosel is not bulky at all in the sleek all black design.  The face is of moderate height and width, nothing extreme, just middle of the road.

Mine came with the stock RIP’d NV shaft which was decent.  Mid launch, mid spin and decent feel.  It was good but not much “wow” factor.  I dropped my Graphite Design DI  into an addition tip, suddenly this club became a bomber, the “wow” factor was found.  It offered that coveted, high launch/low spin combo I was regularly hitting 3bills with this club.  Even misfits I was getting 250yard out if this club.  Initially in the Square setting, it was hitting a tad high so I changed the face angle to Open and dropped 2* of launch and was rewarded with an even better combo.

I found the forgiveness to be in line with the FT-9.  It might not be the most forgiving driver, but it didn’t generate much side spin. It mostly hit straight.  Errant shots were user error.

It comes with some nice standard features like the Dual Compound Callaway grip that just has a Chevron on it so it offers a really nice feel.  Stock it is 45.5″ so nothing too long, but maybe just a touch longer than necessary.  The headcover is really nice with the addition of the slotted handle for easy removal and a nice long sock to protect the shaft.

If you like the composite feel of past generation Callaway drivers but want one that is fully adjustable, check out the RAZR Fit or the RAZR FIT Xtreme driver.  If you are new to Callaway drivers, be prepared to enjoy some really long bombs.  The sound and feel are unique, but so good.  I might just have a Callaway driver back in my bag for the rest of 2012.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Adjustable hosel
+Interchangeable weights
+Excellent composite feel
+So long

–Players club, moderate forgiveness.