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Review: Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

Stepping up and taking it deep!
Callaway’s flagship model is the RAZR Fit Xtreme driver.  It is said to be their longest driver yet.  Initially it kind of just looks like the RAZR Fit, but whatever they did, it is much more than that and certainly is deeper.  Callaway seems to be stepping up to the plate and really doing everything they can to compete and even over take the other companies when it comes to driver popularity and distance.  In the past it seemed that they had been somewhat content to do their own thing, but with the shake up late last year, they have declared their intent to be the best.  They used to be there with the Big Bertha, but haven’t been there in a while.  I think the RAZR Fit Xtreme moves them back toward the top of the food chain.  They really did step up and and took it deep.
One of my constant issues with new drivers are their “made for the masses” heads and shafts.  I understand that they are trying to fit the widest segment possible, I don’t often get ideal numbers on stock set-ups. I do fit into a standard loft, lie, length and stiff flex, but I generate a lot of spin with the driver.  I’ve learned to hit the ball straight, but still seem to have a great deal of back spin doing it.  The lower spinning heads and shaft combos always seem to come at an extreme custom order price.  A tour head and a custom high end shaft aren’t exactly off the rack specs.  That is probably why I fell in love with the RAZR Fit Xtreme right off the rack.  The low spin head and low spin shaft are an ideal fit for my swing.  I could still play my stock loft of 9.5* and the stock stiff shaft which is a Matrix 7m3 Black Tie shaft.  This was a huge plus in my book to have such a high-end shaft in this driver as a stock option.  If you don’t spin the ball as much, you can go with the other stock option the Aldila Trinity shaft.

I ended up indoors initially with this driver since our spring in MN came so late this year.  I put up great numbers on the Launch Monitor.  The head was offering fast ball speeds, and the spin rate was ideal.  I really felt like I was maximizing my swing with this driver.  I got a couple to hit that 300 yard number even indoors without the aid of wind or hills.  I was pretty excited for the snow to melt.

Once it did finally melt, I took it to the course and found that nothing had changed indoors to outdoors.  This driver is LONG!!  I simply stepped up and went deep with it.  My early spring rounds didn’t find much roll, but the landing zones were often 5 yards to 10 yards past my normal landing zone.  Once the ground started drying out, I found some great roll to go with the length, hitting 300 yards a couple times again using this club.  The head and shaft combo are one of the longest off the racks you can buy.

It was pretty obvious that Callaway set out to do one thing with this club and that was to make it long, but it does have some other really great features.  The sound is so pleasing to the ear.  It sounds almost identical to the RAZR Fit.   The very muted composite sound, yet a really hot explosive feeling off the face.  It doesn’t feel dead at all, but solid. 

The adjustablity is similar to the previous version, but yet gives plenty of options with the dual weights on the sole and the Opti-Fit hosel for 3 adjustments or a few more if you get a tour cog hosel.  I didn’t need to mess with the adjustments,  it seemed like a really good fit as it came.  But I did have fun exchanging a few shafts just to see how it played with some other favorites I had.  I like that I could still use the shafts I had tested last year.  I did find a couple that are in the running for gamer.  The Graphite Design DI and the Talamonti LS are both vying for that top spot.  So far the Matrix stock shaft is holding on, but the slightly higher launch might be nice at times or the slightly lower spin might even add a few more yards under the right conditions.

This club certainly is a bomber, but it does take a pretty good swing to make it happen.  It is smaller than 460cc.  It is 440cc which isn’t much, but it also looks even smaller than that.  It might be the most compact head for 2013.  I love the look of that smaller head, but when my swing wasn’t at its best it didn’t give me a whole lot of confidence.  It might not be the most forgiving head on the market, it is aimed at the better players.  That is not to say I hit it all over the course, it is just if you compare it to the X-hot, you find that the Xtreme is longer on good swings, but not as forgiving on the bad swings.  If you have a well grooved swing and want to take it deep, the Xtreme is for you.  One day I hit 13 of 14 fairways with it and the next day I hit 7 of 14.  It was based on my swing, but I think on the poor day, with a more forgiving driver I probably could have moved that up to 10 of 14. 

Callaway stepped it up and took it deep with the RAZR Fit Xtreme driver.  I think it is the longest driver off the rack for 2013.  The low-spin head and stock shaft are excellent.  While it might not be for everyone, for those who want the compact size and can swing consistently, this will be a perfect fit.  I love the direction Callaway is headed.  They are producing some great looking clubs but also great performing clubs, way to step it up and take it deep.

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Quick Hits
+Low Spin head
+Best stock shaft options
+Great sound
+Compact shape

–Might be too demanding for some

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