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REVIEW: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 3-wood

Jail Break Works In A Fairway Wood Too
Jail Break technology was all the rage for 2017.  Callaway introduced connective bars between the crown and sole to generate more retention of energy for higher ball speeds in their Epic drivers.  I found their claims to be validated by both my FlightScope LM testing and my on course results.  The Rogue line keeps Jail Break in the driver line, and adds it to their fairway woods.  It works just as well in the fairway woods as it does in the driver.  Along with Jail Break technology, there are some other changes to Callaway’s Rogue fairway woods.
The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 3-wood is a significant redesign compared to previous Callaway Epic and Big Bertha Sub Zero 3-woods.  Obviously the the Jail Break technology was added, but that also means that an adjustable hosel went away.  I think it looks much cleaner and really doesn’t impact much since it seems few people adjust their fairway woods.  There is no rear weight for adjustablity either.  While those previous features offered more fitting options, I’m guessing they weren’t as necessary as some might claim.  The clean looks and non-adjustable head worked perfectly for me without any needs for adjustment.

The Callaway Rogue 3-wood made it’s presence known immediately in my bag.  I tried it off the tee first to find it launch on a nice high launch with very flat flight which hit the ground running due to low spin.  It was plenty long, almost dangerously long, because I want to hit a 3-wood shorter than driver, which it does, but still got close to danger a few times.  Off the turf, it hit long too, just a little less loft for long runners that had me looking at eagles more often than normal.  It is fairly thin faced so it glides through the turf nicely, but not so thin that I was worried I couldn’t hit it off the tee without a sky ball.

The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 3-wood is billed as their longer of their two 3-woods while the regular Rogue is easier to launch and more forgiving.  Interestingly I also found the Sub Zero to be plenty forgiving.  I didn’t feel like I needed any more height on shots, nor did I have left or right issues.  I had confidence in this club that it would go straight at the target I picked.  The higher launch and lower spin made for an easy to hit long and straight 3-wood.   It is impressive how the ball just rockets off the face of this 3-wood.  If you wanted a “mini-driver” you could go with a low lofted one of these for even more distance.

The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 3-wood has a nice crisp feel.  The carbon crown mutes the metallic sounds while the ProjectX EvenFlow shaft has a slightly harsher feel than other shafts.  The ProjectX EvenFlow Blue shaft has a unique flex feel, but offers good results for straight low spinning shots.  It has a nice launch feel and smooth almost whippy feel through impact.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 3-wood

  • Spin: 2388 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 15.2*
  • Dispersion: 4.5 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 101.6 mph
  • Ball Speed: 152.0 mph
  • Total Distance:  262.1 yds
  • Carry Distance:  241.3 yds

The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 3-wood offers the combo many golfers are looking for; low spin, long, great feel and accuracy.  Callaway’s “Jail Break” technology is the real deal.  I had amazing ball speeds with this club yet it was still accurate and easy to launch.  If you are in the market for a new 3-wood the Rogue Sub Zero is worth checking out.

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Quick Hits:
+Jail Break technology
+Great feel
+Good sound


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