REVIEW: Callaway Weather Series Outerwear

It is Layer Season
While it comes a little later here in AZ, eventually we need to dress in layers to enjoy golf.  It can be in the 40s when you tee off and by the 5 hole it is 75 and then by the 13th hole it might be windy.  While the “winter” weather in AZ rarely slows down my golfing habit, the temperatures vary more dramatically from November – February.  This means dressing in layers which can easily be added or removed to keep an ideal body temperature.  Those layers also need to be comfortable and easy to swing in so that you don’t get weighed down in bulk or restricted while swinging.  The 2019 Callaway Weather Series Outerwear collection offers a great mix of layers, style and comfort.

Swing Tech Cooling+ 1/4 Zip
A thin long-sleeve 1/4 zip pullover is a staple layer in my collection.   I don’t always need much, just something thin and warmer than my polo to take the edge off the 60* day.  I know that isn’t cold, but living in AZ makes me less tolerable of cooler temperatures.  The Callaway Weather Series Swing Tech Cooling+ 1/4 Zip is thin and very stretchy.  I barely even notice I am wearing it.  The cuffs are a little bigger which is nice with a glove on or if you want to push up the sleeve a little as the temp rises.  The M has a nice fit, not trip, but not big either.  It has a nice athletic fit.  I’d consider going a size smaller than normal in Callaway Weather Series outerwear to get the best fit.  I wear a L in many brands, but the M is the best fit in Callaway.

Swing Tech 1/4 Zip Waffle Fleece
Sometimes  the thin pullover isn’t quite warm enough, but I don’t need a full sweatshirt or jacket either.  The Callaway Weather Series Swing Tech Waffle Fleece is the perfect compromise.  The waffle design traps more heat so when it is just a few degrees cooler, this works great.  I think 50* was my threshold with this layer.  It could get doubled up with the navy piece for even lower temps or just a stand alone over a polo.  Fit and shape are similar to the other Callaway outerwear pieces, this one has a little bit different cuff design and waist fit; which are really comfortable on or off the course.  The Baltic Heather is a unique color that really pops.  I appreciate a nice tone that looks good and this comes a number of those options.

High Gauge Fleece Full Zip Vest
The final staple in any good layer system is a vest.  You don’t always need your arms covered, or additional layers; but keeping your core warm is vital.  You can feel great without getting too hot in multiple long sleeved layers.  The Callaway Weather Series High Gauge Fleece Vest in caviar color is a full zip design for easy on and off which doesn’t require you to take off your hat to get it on.  The M vest is plenty large so it will easily fit over another layer or two.  The stretchy material of this vest will  help you forget you are even wearing it. It is a different kind of fleece; not thick or “felt” like, but a tight weave that keeps the core really warm.  The armholes are nicely sized for ample movement but not so big that you’ll notice.

When it is layer season, look to Callaway Weather Series outerwear for your needs.  From November – February this gear gets a workout.  I need layers to enjoy a days worth of golf.  You want something thin, comfortable, weather ready and easy to swing in.  Callaway hits all of those with their layering outerwear.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to swing in
+Layering options

–Sizing runs a little big