Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter Review

From Commuter E-Scooter To Golf Cart

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Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter

I cruised around the block, took some short commutes, had some fun family rides and played golf with my Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter.  This E-Scooter is built for easy adventures around town.  It has enough speed, power and battery life to commute from point A to point B or around your neighborhood.  It is perfect for local rides and I found it to be a new and fun way to play 18 holes. 

This is the my definitive review of the Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter for 2024.

Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter

E-Scooter Built for Commuting

This is my first E-Scooter.  I’ve seen the public ones parked around town that you can scan and pay to ride.  I’ve never used one of those but thought about how convenient they are in a busy downtown and for short commutes. Caroma makes a commuter E-Scooter that offers all the same features so you can ride your own on those short trips.  They even have a seat that can be attached if you don’t want to stand for the entire ride.  I rode it without the seat for my testing.


The Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter has a 500W motor and a 25 mile battery life.  This is plenty for my needs.  If I’m going to go that far, I’m probably using an E-Bike rather than an E-Scooter.  18 holes of golf cover about 5 miles so even with a ride to and from my home to the course, there is enough power and battery life to make it on one charge.  The 500W power is enough to push me and the scooter at 20 mph down the road.  When I cruised into the fairways the speed was reduced because of the resistance of the grass to about 15mph, which is still faster than a typical riding cart.


There was very little learning curve for riding the Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter.  It was hop on, turn it on and scooter. The handlebar is adjustable in height to whomever is riding and the folding/unfolding mechanism is easy. The display shows speed setting, MPH, lights and battery life.  I went “red” speed most of the time which allows the E-Scooter to go 20 mph.   The large 10″ wheels can navigate any sidewalk or fairway.  The rear suspension gives it a smoother ride even on some bumps.  The LED lights around the footboard gives it a cool glow, while the brake light pulses to let others know you are slowing down.  The brakes are STRONG!  Be sure to brace yourself if going fast because the squeeze handle brake works on both front and rear wheel to bring you to a quick stop.  The kickstand works great on concrete and decent on turf as long as it isn’t really soft.  The fenders kept dirt, grass and stones from flying up onto my legs.

E-Scooter As A Golf Cart?

I would have never imagined riding an E-Scooter on the golf course even just a couple of years ago, but the Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter works amazingly well as a golf cart.  The easy on and off is perfect for all 18 holes.  You barely have to lift your feet to step on.  While the E-Scooter doesn’t have bag holder, any stand bag woulds great over your shoulders.  I didn’t find it hard to balance while riding and carrying my bag.  The scooter flies around on the cart paths and is just slightly slower on grass.  It handles golf course terrain exceptionally well.  It is a different way to navigate a round of golf, but certainly less tiring than walking, but still an enjoyable pace and connection to the course.  I think if I was going to ride a scooter for every round of golf I’d upgrade to the Caroma Lightning because of the full suspension.  The only downside to using an E-Scooter as a golf cart is that some courses won’t allow it.  Club sometimes have strict policies about outside carts or think that an E-Scooter or E-Bike will damage there course.  However, the Caroma E68 Pro doesn’t do any damage to the turft because it weighs less and the wheels are gentler on the grass than a riding cart. 

Price Point

The Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter will set you back about $400 on Amazon. That is less than a new driver and almost the same price as a push cart.  It might get used more by your kids riding around the neighborhood than you taking it to the golf course, but the convenience, usage and price point make this an alternative option for getting around town or 18 holes.  I know not every course will allow you to ride your E-Scooter to play golf, but courses that already allow outside carts will probably let you use this as an alternative to a riding cart. It won’t take you long to recoup those cart fees plus you can use it to and from the course if you nearby.


If I had to describe what it is like riding an Caroma E68 Pro E-Scooter while golfing it is a child like joy and pure fun for 18 holes.  Off the course there is convenience that an E-Scooter offers for riding, transporting and commuting.  While it isn’t for long rides or extensive travel, but short hops between locations, or quick trips around the neighborhood, it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do so.  Another nice security feature is that you can fold it up and carry it with you into the office.  I was skeptical about E-Scooters, but Caroma changed my mind to see the joy, fun, convenience and practicality of an E-Scooter for commuting and as a golf cart. The E68 Pro E-Scooter offers great bang for the buck in terms of speed, stability, power and function.   

For more information: Caroma E-Scooter Website

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