REVIEW: Chase54 Apparel

In The Pursuit of Style
54 is considered a perfect golf score.  The only way to obtain that score is being extremely lucky as a tour pro or as an amateur in a  “scramble” event (usually with mulligans).  The reality is, we are all trying to get that perfect score someday. It will never happen, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.  The same can be said about others in the golf industry, they too are trying to make the perfect club, ball, polo, etc.  While this won’t ever happen, that doesn’t stop companies from trying.  Chase54 is in the pursuit of perfection.  Their newest products are just dripping with style.  Every new line from Chase54 gets better, proving that they are in the pursuit of perfect style.
I had the opportunity to sit down with Chase54 at the 2017 PGA Show Las Vegas.  They had their whole line up of new apparel in their booth.  It is extensive and impressive with something for everyone dealing with any climate.  Since moving to AZ, mine main concern is dealing with the heat.  I mostly wear shorts and a polo.  While their line up has layering options and cold weather gear, I leave those items for SPYZINGER.  But what really impressed me was their style.  It feels at times that a polo is a polo.  Chase54 proved me wrong with their new styles.

My favorite Chase54 Polo is the new Baroque model.  It is the most comfortable and versatile polo I own.  At first glance it might appear to be a navy polo.  Upon closer inspection, it has an embossed paisley pattern.  The DRYFUZE material is one of the best moisture wicking fabrics I’ve ever seen.  The water spreads out immediately over a large surface area to dry quickly.  It has plenty of stretch, but still a great cut for on or off the course.  They also added metal collar stays for a perfect looking collar every time you wear it, no matter how many washes it has seen.  Their sizing is spot on with the M i normally wear.  The new circle logo is simple and classy on the back of the collar.  This shirt looks like nothing else on the course, and can be worn to formal gatherings with approval by all.  Since it is just dripping with style, the Baroque is my new “go to” polo.

The Chase54 Trekker shorts might not have as much style as the Baroque polo, they have every detail which makes them also one of my favorite pairs of shorts I own.  They don’t need as much style since the focus is on the shirt, but comfort is the most important factor for shorts.  These are also made of DRYFUZE material so they wick moisture extremely well.  They are a nice lightweight fabric that has plenty of stretch.  The deep pockets are always nice when riding in  cart so that tees and my ball marker don’t fall out.  The silicone gripper tape on the waistband is also a must because the in and out of the power cart plus swinging means there is a fair amount of pull on the polo out of your shorts.  I never had to retuck my shirt while wearing Chase54.

There are plenty of brands that make a plain colored polo, but if you want something with more style and a great fit with all the little details covered, Chase54 is the brand for you.  The Baroque Polo is my favorite shirt in my closet for virtually any occasion on or off the course.  Chase54 continues to pursue perfection and at the moment they nailed it on the style.

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Quick Hits:
Subtle awesome style
Great fit
Nice stretch
Excellent details
Works on or off the course