REVIEW: Chassis Man Care Products

You Need This Product for Down There
What does your getting ready for golf routine look like?  If you are like most men, you probably shave, take a shower, put on some deodorant, do your hair some (even if you are going to wear a hat), pick our your favorite golf apparel, apply some sunscreen, and away you go for18 holes.  While by now I’d assume your golf apparel includes Kentwool socks and 2UNDR underwear, you NEED to add a new product to your pre-golf routine: Chassis Man Care for Down There.  Yes you need to deal with the chafing, the sweat and the odor down there.  Seriously once my supply runs out, I will be buying more, this is a golf product I don’t want to go without.  YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT FOR DOWN THERE.
1. Chassis Shower Primer

Chassis starts in the most obvious place, the shower.  You can prep you skin and hair down there by lathering up with a little soap.  It doesn’t take much Primer to get a good lather and soaped up well.  I don’t use it everywhere on my body, but just down there where the sweating, chafing and odor are going to happen.  The gel has a great scent from the natural ingredients: pumpkin seed, hops extract, aloe, oatmeal and others.  I would call it earthy and spicy in fragrance.  The 5 areas it helps all are noticeable when used: deep cleans, eliminates odor, moisturizes, softens body hair and reduces friction.  This product all by itself has benefits, but paired with the others, is even better.

2. Chassis Premium Powder and Premium Powder Ice

I think that the Premium Powder really is the core of Chassis and its success in dealing with chafing, sweating and odor.  I call it the “pit stick” for down there.  This isn’t a talc, aluminum or parabens based powder product that could cause cancer, but a blend of baking soda, pumpkin seed, hops extract, aloe, and other natural ingredients.  A small shake of powder goes a long way down there.  I’m still working on the best application method to get as much powder down there, and not on the floor.  I tend to like to shake a little in my 2UNDR and then use that to rub it into my skin; that seems to have worked well with little loss of product, or at least getting any on the floor.  The Premium Powder Ice is the real deal for cooling.  I was surprised at the “cool” sensation that it gave and how long it lasted.  This is my AZ go to when dealing with the extreme heat.  I think day to day, I wear regular Premium Powder, but when heat is a factor, I go with Ice.

3. Chassis Restoration Cream

So lets say you forgot to take care of down there and you get “swamp balls” or “monkey butt” or “jock rot” you can sooth that, protect that and restore that area with Restoration Cream.  It works quickly to deal with chafing, sweating and odor down there too, more retroactive than proactive.  But rather than just waiting for those things to happen in the heat, you can get a head start on protection by using that after your shower and before the powder.  It creates another layer/barrier of help for down there that will make dealing with the heat, sweat and rub even better.

Chassis on the course

Chassis should be used daily, but I especially focused on my golf days because that is when I have to deal with the most likelyhood of sweat, chafing and odor down there.  Here in AZ with it being in the 100* most of my summer golf rounds, I need to deal with that.  Chassis blew me away with how much I liked it, dare I say need it.   I’ve used it now for 5 rounds, and didn’t use it for 2 rounds.  IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.  The reason I didn’t use it for 2 rounds was that I forgot to pack it for vacation to Palm Springs, CA. (even though I had the nice travel case)  Those 2 rounds left me with some fairly sweaty and chafed area down there.  It wasn’t like now I couldn’t walk or something awful, but just uncomfortable.  It really takes no effort to add this to your course prep; it just becomes part of your morning routine.  I’ve made it part of mine, and my man area down there appreciates it.


I would have never guessed that I would like Chassis so much.  It isn’t only for golfers, all men should use Chassis.  It isn’t just when you are active,  but really can be used daily.  There aren’t many products I give this endorsement, but Chassis is one of my “must haves.”  As a golf product, it is a NEED!!  Men you need to have Chassis in you bathroom and shower.  You will want to use it daily.  It also goes a really long ways.  I’ve been using it faithful for over a month and my bottles still feel almost full.  You probably worry a lot about the other areas of your body, let’s take care of down there.  Golfer NEED this product for care down there.

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