BUYERS GUIDE: Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a great time of year to buy golf gear.  Many companies have new products which will please any golfer.  Many golfers are dreaming about their upcoming season so this helps them get through the winter months.  I realize that there are all different budgets and different needs of golfers, but there are some “go-to” gifts that just about every golfer will enjoy.  I’ll break them down by price category to help figure out what fits into your budget.  Remember there is a lot of junk out there, so just because it has an infomercial, just because it says golf on it, or they sell it at the local golf shop doesn’t mean your golfer will want it.  Below is a list of some top options.  You will notice some trends:  Gifts cards for clubs/fittings and rounds of golf are a couple items that dominate the list no matter the price category.

Under $25
+Kentwool Socks
+TemperCraft USA Stainless Steel Water Bottles

+Golf Balls – Get Tour Models Like Bridgestone B or Titleist ProV1 ($40-$50 a dozen)
+Local Course Gift Card

+High-end Course Gift Card
+Arccos Caddie Link
+TRUELinks Golf Shoes

 +Driver Gift Card
+Custom Rose & Fire Headcovers
+Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

+MGI Zip Navigator Cart
+Weekend Golf Trip

+Full Bag of Clubs and Fitting
+Bandon Dunes Golf Trip
+Annual Pass at Local Course

+Flightscope Launch Monitor
+Exotic Destination Golf Vacation
+Backyard Putting Green

While this list might not cover everything that certain golfers want, let me give you a hint about giving gifts to golfers: Listen to them, make sure it is something they can use, and don’t compromise; sometimes a few extra dollars for quality will pay off in the end.  When it comes to clubs, don’t try to guess, let them pick out what they really want.  (having them get fit, will make it even better)  When in doubt, get them a golf gift card to a course or store.  Even if it doesn’t pay for everything, it will at least be a start.

Merry Christmas!!