CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

All The Expensive Laser Features At A Fraction Of The Price

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During my last 4 rounds of golf I used a CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO Laser Rangefinder to get distances to pins and other objects.  It is their top model which includes every feature found in expensive lasers at a fraction of the price.  It is compact and offers slope, 7X magnification, pin lock, vibration, magnetic hold, an OLED display, multiple distance modes, and USB charging.  So how do these features on paper function on the course?   

This is the definitive CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO Laser Rangefinder Review for 2024.

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What is your laser budget?

How much do you want to spend on your laser rangefinder?  I know everyone wants to get the best model for the least amount of money.  We also realize that buying the low cost model means we are sacrificing features and/or quality.  Cigman already sells the lowest cost laser on Amazon (Find it in our Best Budget Rangefinder for 2024).  However, the CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO isn’t the cheapest at $150, but has features comparable to way more expensive models but still at a fraction of the price. 

Specifications That Matter

The CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO has similar specs to some of the top laser rangefinders on the market: 1200 yard measurement, 7x zoom, Slope switch, OLED Red/Green Display, Magnetic hold, 7 Distance modes, Pin lock, Vibration, Case, and USB Charging.  The spec sheet says this is a top tier laser for $150. So is it the same as others?  While it says 7x zoom, it is more like 6.5x zoom.  The OLED display can be red or green, but those are both the colors I have some color blindness to.  The magnetic hold works, but isn’t super strong.  The USB changing though is super legit.  A couple hours of charging and this thing will last all season.  (if not, most carts now even have a USB charger port)

OLED Display

Not all laser rangefinder displays are the same.  Just because they say crystal clear optics, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are.  I’m impressed with the brightness of this OLED display. The optics are very clear and the OLED adds brightness for clarity. The display however is crowded with a ton of information.  Even if you turn off the slope, the display still shows distance, angle, height, pin indicator, battery, and vibration indicator.  While this is all useful for making a good decision, it still feels like information overload.  Sometimes all I want is one distance number.  However if you are a geek about details, this display has the most of any rangefinder I’ve used.  If you turn on slope you get even more.  It is all clear, bright and easy to read.  It also can display numbers in green or red.  While green might seem like a washout against green grass, often times it worked well contrasting the other colors in the sky and background.

On-Course Usage

From the moment you clip the black “hard” case to your bag until you stick the laser to the arm of the cart, you get a nice looking, full featured laser.  As you are standing in the fairway aiming at your first pin, you get all the data you could possibly need with one push of the power button.  Depending on the mode you have selected, it will quickly lock on the pin and spit out distance, angle, and adjusted distance.  The other things you can ignore.  I like to shoot the distance a couple times just to be certain and thankfully this one gave me the almost the exact same number most of the time.  It was only a couple tenths of a yard difference from shot to shot.  Even my best wedge isn’t that accurate.  It was always within a yard of my far more expensive laser.  I like that they built in the magnet to this laser so that you can slap it to any metal and it will stay put.  It isn’t the strongest magnet, but it never fell off no matter how rough the ride was.

Adjusted Distances Accuracy?

The CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO Laser Rangefinder is rated for 1200 yard accuracy and .05 second speed.  I was happy with the ability to hit flags even on par 4s and get an accurate distance from far away.  The most unique measuring mode is called “Azimuth”.  While it isn’t a mode I used much except on cart path only holes.  I could measure to my ball and to the pin and it would use trigonometry to tell me the distance between my ball and the flag, meaning I didn’t have to carry 1/2 my bag out there, but just the one club I needed.  The regular slope measurements were comparable to other models.  I found the non-slope display still giving all the information used to calculate slope, without doing the math for you.  (I’m surprised that that is tournament legal) I think that bang for the buck, this laser rangefinder looks, feels and shoots quality numbers for $150.


The CIGMAN CT-1000 PRO Laser Rangefinder has all the features found in expensive laser rangefinders but at a much lower price point.  The 7x optics, slope option, Azimuth mode, hard case, USB charging, Pin lock, Vibration, and Magnet hold are all the features golfers are looking for.  The OLED display is bright, but might feel like information overload.  The tenth of a yard variation from shot to shot might give you pause, but you can’t hit that accurately either so does it really matter?  At the price point you will be happy to have saved the $$ while still getting a full featured laser rangefinder.

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