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I used the Claw PRO White Golf Glove for 20 rounds of golf.  The Claw PRO is my favorite glove, especially in white.  The grip, comfort and durability make it an outstanding glove which holds up extremely well in the AZ heat.  However the original Claw and PRO in grey are just a bit more durable. 

This is the definitive Claw PRO White Golf Glove Review for 2022.

CaddyDaddy introduced the Claw golf glove a couple years ago now.  I called it a game changer at the time, and still stick by that review.  Then they introduced the Claw PRO in grey which has been my “go-to” glove for 2020-2021.  While the grey glove is great, many golfers, myself included, prefer a white glove.  CaddyDaddy now offers their Claw PRO golf glove in white.

The Claw PRO White has a new palm color which is all white.  It makes the glove look similar to any other glove you are going to buy at the store.   The minimal black accents give it a similar look to most other gloves on the market.  White gloves are the color of choice for most golfers so I’m thinking that these are going to be a best seller for CaddyDaddy.  The airflow technology in the material keeps your hand comfortable for an entire round no matter the temperature, even though it is slightly thicker than the regular Claw.

The Claw PRO White uses the same silicone web coated palm to offer extreme flexibility, and excellent grip of the club.  I continue to be impressed with how connected to the club it feels.  With the tighter fit, because of the material used on the top, it really offers “stick” to the club without needing pressure.  Reducing grip pressure while increasing hold will benefit everyone’s swing.  It is one of those tips that requires a constant reminder; don’t choke the club.  So yes a golf glove can help your game by allowing you to maintain good grip on the club without increasing grip pressure.

Maybe you remember the commercial, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”  The answer has been greatly debated, but it is a lot.  How many rounds until you need a new Claw glove?  I may have finally figure out.  I think I’ve finally ruined one.   It still took 20 rounds and it isn’t exactly “ruined” but it also doesn’t look brand new.  

The durability still outlives all other golf gloves because the Claw PRO White uses the same silicone palm with a washable stretch material on the top.  There is a touch of white suede like material on the top of the hand.  This soft material is still washable and breathable, but it keeps its form a little better than the stretchy material.  This creates a tighter fit.  This tighter fit means even better grip and connection to the club with extreme durability.

If the Claw PRO White golf glove was made by a big OEM, it would be a smash hit.  Hopefully golfers will give it a chance.  I think that the white glove will certainly appeal to any golfer as their color of choice.  If golfers give this a try, they are going to love it. The only complaint might be that the white palm doesn’t seem to hold up as well as the grey palm did.  I’m not sure if that is because white looks dirty quicker, or if there is actually a difference in material or quality of productions because I finally wore a Claw glove out. (or at least see some damage to the glove)


The Claw PRO White should be at the top of your list for products to try.  I’m a true believer in their gloves and use them for every round of golf I’ve played in the last 2 years.  Comfort, grip, durability and now style make these gloves that any golfer can use and enjoy.  For $25 you owe it to yourself to give this glove a try.  Even in a worst case scenario it can be your backup glove in the bag, because it takes many rounds to wear one out or rip like a regular glove does (often right in the middle of your round too). My guess is that it won’t stay your backup glove for long; because it is legit AWESOME. 

Claw PRO White Golf Glove – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: CaddyDaddy invented the Claw glove line a few years ago and it is the most durable glove on the market. They PRO line builds on the durability of these gloves and uses different materials for a better fit and style.

  • ✅  Pros: Outlives all other gloves, Outstanding grip, Comfortable, White looks great, Washable.

  • ⛔  Cons: White palm isn't as durable as grey palm.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Even with the slightly less durable glove in white, it is still my favorite glove and outlives every other brand.


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