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I received a box full of a variety recycled golf balls from Clean Green Golf Balls ranging from their dozen mint ProV1 to their 24 count “Store Line” bag.  This range of quantity and quality allowed me to check out if buying recycled golf balls from Clean Green Golf Balls is worth it. 

This is the definitive Clean Green Golf Balls Review for 2023.

What is the answer to the age old question, “What golf ball plays like a ProV1, but costs less?  While there has been a rise in Direct-to-Consumer brands that have tried to answer that question with their version of a tour level ball at a lower price point, the reality is, the ProV1 is #1 on tour for a reason year after year.  (it is not just promotion and sponsorship).  So how do you get those cheaper ProV1s?  Buy them recycled from a company like Clean Green Golf Balls.  They sell a mint dozen ProV1s for half the price of new ones.  There are even cheaper options for less than mint golf balls.  So the real question is it worth it?

The Mint ProV1s from Clean Green Golf Balls are recycled balls that they acquire from various sources, wash, clean, and package in net bags.  You can buy them off their website or Amazon and they will soon be found in Walmarts.  If you want other brands you have every pro line model ball available like Taylormade TP5 or Srixon Z-Star or Callaway Chrome Soft.  Essentially it is pick your brand, your price point, and your quantity and in just a few days your stock of golf balls will be reloaded at a much lower price point than getting new golf balls in boxes.  But is it worth it?

I suppose is it worth it depends on a few questions.  How long does a golf ball last during your round?  If you go through a sleeve or two during a normal round of golf, golf balls get expensive and savings are worth it.  If a single ProV1 makes it all 18 holes then you might want to see if recycled golf balls are worth it for you.  So what is the “real” cost differences with Clean Green Golf Balls?  In my $25 dozen ProV1x bag there were 4 versions of the ProV1x ball.  While there aren’t major differences from year to year, there are very small changes Titleist makes.  5 balls had logos on them and 3 had Sharpie marks on them.  1 Ball had a small scuff on it.  So what is the “True Cost” per dozen is closer to $27 which at the end of the day is still half the price of a new box.

The other bags from Clean Green Golf Balls included a double dozen of Store Line Mix and Pro Line Mix.  The Store Line Mix were Pinnacles, Top Flites, etc.  If you just need golf balls and care nothing of performance, this is as cheap as it get.  The quality is pretty good too.   The Pro Line bag was essentially name band balls, but a variety of tour level balls and non-tour balls.  It has Bridgestone E6 balls and Callaway Diablo balls mixed with Snell MTB Black and Srizon Z-Star XV.  It had 1 refurbished ball in there too.  Again at $25 a double dozen you are probably paying about $13 – $15 for a dozen golf balls.  These however are going to greatly vary in performance between the tour ball and non-tour ball.  While this bag might be appealing, I’d avoid this one unless you don’t really care about performance since many of them will quickly end up in a pond or the woods.  I’d stick with one brand at the same price point rather than a mix.  The  only benefit of this kind of mixed bag, is if you want to test different models and don’t want to buy dozens of each kind or expensive sleeves at a pro shop.

Clean Green Golf Balls offer Mint, Near Mint and Good quality golf balls.  The good quality double dozen bag runs $40.  It has even more models, more scuffs and few refurbished  balls.  This brings the “True Cost” per dozen on these closer to $23.  I’d say overall the quality of the good is still very good, but you can see some older more used golf balls in the good compared to the mint.  I wouldn’t say any of the golf balls were unusable, but refurbished golf balls diminish performance as do scuffs.  So for many any amatuer this won’t really cause a problem.  But if you want a deal, but as close to new ProV1s as you can get, I suggest the mint ones.


Clean Green Golf Balls offer recycled golf balls at lower price point and a higher quality than most recycled golf ball companies.  You can get virtually any brand and model you want at about 1/2 price.  It does answer the age old golf question about lower priced high quality golf balls.  If you are a “ball hawk”, live on a golf course, or take perfectly good golf balls out of your bag for whatever reason, they buy your used golf balls too.   Clean Green Golf Balls is a great alternative to save you some “green” on golf balls. 

For More Information: Clean Green Golf Balls Website

Clean Green Golf Balls – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Clean Green is a recycled golf ball reseller who clean and repackages used golf balls. Their grading system is one of the best the offer every variety of golf ball at a great price.

  • ✅  Pros: 1/2 Price golf balls, great quality, nice packaging, easy access at Walmart and Amazon, option to sell your golf balls.

  • ⛔  Cons: Usually 1 ball of the dozen is questionable, Pro Line mix is a really wide variety of performance.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Clean Green Golf Balls will save your money, even if you factor in some "True Cost" adjustment for a scuff or refurbished ball. I'd personally stick to the single model bags for performance. This really is the best way to save "green" when purchasing golf balls.


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