Review: Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedges

Rotex on the Remix
Cleveland continues to push forward with the 588 moniker which I believe is an excellent move for their wedge line.  It just makes sense to offer their most famous wedge name each year.  It creates comfort with the user that their replacement wedge will be just as good if not better than their past one.  The 588 RTX 2.0 is an improved remix of prior wedges.  The 2.0 key points of improvement are the increased number of options and the Rotex 2.0 face.

he arrival of my Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 wedges was rather interesting since typically I would use a set of different lofted wedges to fill my bag, but instead a 56* one dot, 56* two dot and a 60* CB three dot arrived.  I decided to use them as sent to see which ones I liked best and now after playing them for 5 weeks, I’m going to bend one 56* to 54* and the other to 58* so I can keep them in the bag.  The 60* will go in and out of the bag depending on the course and needs.

Let’s talk about the variety.  This may be Cleveland’s biggest variety of wedges ever offered in 2 basic heads, Regular and Cavity Back.  There are 3 different sole grinds and with each loft there are multiple dot options (bounce) plus a couple different finishes.  This totals 120 different wedges.  If you can’t find a wedge for your game, you might need to look into a different hobby.

I dropped the 56* 1 dot (8*bounce) and 60* CB 3 dot (14* bounce) into the bag immediately upon arrival.  While I hadn’t played those lofts for a while, I found the 5 yard difference wasn’t a big deal.  I was able to really test the spin of the new RTX 2.0 face.  The grooves are as sharp as allowed but the milling between the grooves that is left on the face is now more aggressive than previous models.  I really found good spin numbers with both the 56* and the 60*.

The 56* 1 dot became my 100 yard club as well as my Sand Wedge.  Since I’ve been tracking sand saves with GAME GOLF I noticed a rather high success rate with this club in the bag.  The grind is the main reason I put this club in the bag.  It has a C-grind which works exceptionally well in thumping the sand and lifting the ball softly towards the hole.  I was just as impressed with the full fairway shots that had great holding power, yet really controllable spin.

The 56* 2 dot didn’t get as much play from the bunkers because of the fuller grind, but was really great from the softer fairways and rough.  The additional sole created more stability through those shots.  The extra bounce also helped in the softer fall condtions.

I have to say the real surprise was the 60* CB.  I haven’t played a 60* wedge in a while and have never liked CB wedges, but this one blew me away.  It got me up and down and tight from all over the place.  I think I actually noticed the forgiveness of this style of wedge.  The real shocker was that it felt good too.  Usually they get hollow feeling, but this one had the “meat” in the right places so that it still offered a solid, crisp feel at impact.

The head shape is still very clean and similar to past 588 heads without getting too round or having a weird transition from hosel to leading edge.  Cleveland did the 2.0 version of the RTX wedges just right.  Good head shape, improved grooves, and so many bounce and grind options to fit basically any golfer.  Check them out and find the right loft, dot, head style and finish for you. Rotex on the Remix turned out great.

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Quick Hits
+2.0 Rotex grooves are better
+So many grind options
+Excellent headshape and style choices
+Good feel for cast wedges
+120 fitting options
+Great spin without shredding

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