REVIEW: Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter

Cleveland Made A Putter Just For Me
Wouldn’t it be great if golf manufacturers would take our advice?  I’ve heard thousands of comments over the years of golfers wishing a golf company would do this or that with a new product.  I’ve even made such comments myself how a certainly club would be just perfect, if only they changed it a little bit.  When it comes to putters, I have been singing the praises of putters that keep the weight near the face.  I’ve found that my putting benefits most when the weight is forward not back.  So obviously Cleveland must have been reading my reviews of putters and took that to a whole new level with the Frontline putters.  They literally put the majority of the weight in the face with tungsten weights.  It feels like they made a putter just for me.
Cleveland has been an underrated putter maker for the last few years now.  Their milled line was outstanding, just as good as putters 3 and 4 times the cost.  The tech behind the 2135 alignment aid was solid.  The new Frontline design really works in my opinion.  I like the weight forward for better distance control.  I also like how it helps me square up the putter at impact because the weight isn’t twisting or turning the head, but it is right behind the ball.  The two big tungsten weights are pushed to the corners of the face for excellent balance and feel.  You can kind of feel how the weight frames the ball at impact.

The Cleveland Frontline 4.0 putter also has a special milled face groove system called: Speed Optimized Face Technology or SOFT. The groove pattern on Frontline’s forged aluminum face  is designed to create equal speed across the face on every hit, whether center of the face or off center.  I’ve been very impressed by distance control of this putter.  I would say this is where it shines the brightest.  I hits putts the distance I wanted on seemingly every single putt.  They didn’t always go in since I read the green wrong, but distance control was never a problem with this putter.  The combo of front weight and SOFT made this putter roll the ball an accurate distance every time.

The Cleveland Frontline 4.0 putter is fairly stealthy from the top, back and bottom.  The almost all matte black head looks really nice.  I like that they even went with some black paintfill in the cavity.  It has a simple white line for alignment aid.,  The sole has some gloss and red paintfill to really let the name pop.  The black shaft looks very nice in this combo.  The grip can’t be overlooked on this putter.  I think that is the first thing everyone “wows” over.  The Frontline Lamkin Sinkfit Pistol grip has become my favorite putter grip.  It is just a perfect combo of squishy rubber yet firm and large in the hands.  I think some of my golf buddies want it just for the grip.  Seriously that good!!

The Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter earned a spot in the “gamer” rotation.  I have been putting very well with it. I haven’t figured out a strokes gained equation, but have been happy with averaging 31 putters per round. I had one of my low rounds with it rolling the ball nicely into the hole.  I’m still struggling with reading greens from time to time, but the putter is doing exactly what I want it to do.  I like the plumbers neck and toe hang on this putter for my arched stroke.  The balance is ideal and the stroke turn seems to line up square every time.  The fact that they are offering custom painting right off the Cleveland website is super cool too for personalization.

It feels like Cleveland took my advice on this putter.  (I know they didn’t but it feels like it)  I’ve spoken regularly about how much I like the weight near the face.   They have the weight in the face along with an aluminum milled groove face for amazing distance control.  They have 4 different head shapes and a couple neck options so you can find the putter that fits your eye perfectly.  The Frontline 4.0 has been a perfect fit in my bag.  Not only is weight forward awesome, but the stealthy looks and amazing grip have rounded out a great combo.  While Cleveland made this putter for me, maybe they can make one for your bag too.

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Quick Hits:
+Weight forward works
+Milled face grooves are legit
+Stealthy looks
+Awesome grip
+SOFT feel
+Nice balance

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