Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter - UST ALL-IN Review

A Premium Putter without the Premium Price

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I played 7 rounds of golf with this Cleveland putter in my bag and have rolled it extremely well.  I also practiced with it on my backyard putting green.  If you are looking for a premium putter but want to keep the cost down, this is the best option you can buy.

This is my official Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter – UST ALL-IN Review for 2023.

Every golfer wants premium products without the premium price.   It is literally the number one question out there.  How do I get “X” golf product, but at a lower price point.  There are different ways to avoid the premium price:  buy used, buy off-brand, buy lesser quality.  Lets be honest, none of those are particularly appealing.  Cleveland has been producing “sleeper” putters for couple years now.  Their milled putters have been outstanding in every way.  Their newest line the HB SOFT Milled putters are their best yet.  Add to these premium milled heads with face technology, the UST ALL-IN shaft make these one of the best buys in the putter market.

The Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN may look like another version of the anser putter, but the face milling technology is legit.  SOFT stands for Speed Optimized Face Technology. If you’ve read some of the other putter reviews here you will have learned that variable milled/speed optimized faces help with distance control.  The HB SOFT Milled putter has different milling across the face which creates consistent distance control no matter where you hit it on the face.  Dead-center speed is controlled while off-center speed is increased to make sure that all putts travel the same distance. My rounds with this putter were the best distance control I’ve seen out of any putter I’ve tried.  My golfing buddies commented how excellent my speed control was round after round.  This was no accident, but this putter’s Speed Optimized Face Tech.

The Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN has a traditional anser look.  It is as refined as anything out there.   If another name/brand was stamped on this putter, it would sell for hundreds more.  This putter has as good of looks and highest of quality as anything you can buy.  The lines, milling, shaping, etc are all excellent.  If you want higher MOI, prefer a different head shape, or have a different putting stroke need; Cleveland has you covered with 9 other putter models.  You can fit your putting needs by head shape and putting stroke.

The Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN offers the newest putter shaft from UST.  It is a new and proven trend in golf to have 2 piece/material putter shafts.  This version is designed to control weight, decrease torque and improving feel.  I think that the ALL-IN shaft also aided in excellent distance control.  I had more putts stopping near the hole than normal because of the combination of face milling and shaft.  If you don’t want this shaft, you can order it without the UST shaft.  I think the $50 upgrade is a nice touch, but if price point is important, then you can save the shaft cost by just getting a regular steel shaft installed.

The Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN is finished with a Golf Pride PRO ONLY Red Star Pistol Grip and nice putter cover.  The grip is large, but not oversize and has a really nice touch in the hands. The cover is nicely stitched and uses magnets to secure the cover on the head.  It really has all the premium features you’d want in a high-end putter, but at about 1/2 the price or less. 


The Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN is a premium putter without the premium price.  I’d say this is the best bang for the buck putter you can buy right now.  The face milling tech is legit as putts roll the same distance with contact just about anywhere on the face.  The fitting options are extensive too with the different stroke types and head shape preferences.  If you want a high quality putter but not looking to break the bank, this is one you should check out.

For more information: Cleveland Website

CLeveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Clevealnd offers 10 models of their HB SOFT Milled Line of putters. They are the best bang for the buck you can buy in a putter.

  • 💰 Price $249.00 - Manufacturer restrictions limit stores from offering any discounts for this club.

  • ✅  Pros HB SOFT Milled Tech, UST ALL-IN Shaft, Balance, Feel, Distance control, Excellent price point.

  • ⛔  Cons No custom options.

  • ⛳  Verdict Premium putter without the premium price makes the Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 1 Putter UST ALL-IN the best buy in the putter market. The distance control is outstanding which leads to good putting results on the green.


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