REVIEW: Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

How Tour Inspired Wedges Can Benefit Regular Golfers
We all know that Tour Pros can do things with their wedges that most of us can’t.  They have the ability to make them spin back or roll out depending on what they need.  They can get up and down from the rough, from tight surrounds, from bunkers and from just about any short side lie.  It is one of the biggest separating factors between pros and amateurs.  Yet there are many benefits gained from taking some club designs that work for tour pros and giving them to regular golfers.  The new Cleveland RTX 4 wedges were inspired by tour pros, but have many options and benefits for the regular golfer.
The Cleveland RTX 4 wedge line is one of the, if not the, most extensive line of wedge options out there.  There are 3 different finishes, there are 4 different bounce options and so many lofts that it is possible to get lost in all the options trying to figure out what is best for you.  I went with a two wedge set-up since many of my sets have gap wedges, so a 54* and 58* went into the bag.  They are both on the lower side of bounce because the turf in AZ is often really hard and dry which high bounce wedges sometimes struggle to make clean contact.  I also got the black satin finish on the 54* and the tour satin finish on the 58*.  They come stock with Tour Issue DG S400 shafts which are a nice feature and a stock Tour Velvet grip.

TheCleveland RTX 4 has a number of features that make them unique to the market and unique within the progression of lofts.  Cleveland designed a progressive CG for the various lofts.  If you look closely at the “notch” in the cavity, you can see how it is different between the lofts.  They talk about a dual-axis CG so that the shots you want to hit with each wedge will feel the best and work the best.  The other feature that I love about these wedges is the straight leading edge.  I really like a wedge that transition from the hosel straight through to the toe.  The other update is an improved Rotex face.  Nothing earth shattering, but just refining the grooves, the milling and laser etching making them even sharper and increasing the spin.

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The Cleveland RTX 4 58* xlow bounce wedge was most intriguing to me.  This isn’t an option that most companies offer.  I really like it for the tight desert lies I have regularly.  When you set this club down on the turf, you can really see the bounce difference.  I like the ability to even open it up on tight lies and still be able to hit a high soft landing flop.  You can just clip the ball with this wedge and watch it spin to a nice stop near where it lands on the green.  On full shots you can actually even spin it back.  While this bounce isn’t for everyone, those of us that play off hard turf, this wedge is a real shot saver.

The Cleveland RTX 4 54* medium bounce wedge was a perfect 100 yard club in my bag.  I could hit it cleanly and get accurate distance from the fairway or the rough.  I was really impressed by the consistency with this club in terms of spin and yardage.  It was a hop and stop and on every shot and seemed to fly 100 yards on almost every shot.

The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge might be inspired by tour pros, but they really will serve the regular golfer well.  They offer so many loft and bounce options as well as nice finishes.  These options combined with the great feel of these wedges mean you can start hitting some pro looking shots.  If you can figure out which combination is right for you, use their wedge selector guide.  These tour inspired wedge can really help the regular golfer improve their short game.

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Quick Hits:
+So many great bounce options
+3 excellent finish choices
+Progressive dual axis CG
+Nice feel
+Straight leading edge
+Rotex face really spins the ball

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