REVIEW: Clicgear 4.0 Pushcart

7 Years, 4 Upgrades; Still the Best Push Cart
Clicgear has been the best pushcart you can buy since their first one 14 years ago.  I’ve owned every model and proudly pushed them down the fairway for more than a decade.  Every model has been great and the new models are always an upgrade.  The 3.5+ came out 7 years ago.  It seems like a really long time in typical golf product cycles, but the 3.5+ was so good, it didn’t need much upgrading.  7 years later however, the 4 major upgrades to the Clicgear 4.0 are outstanding and worth the wait.  Clicgear still makes the best cart and the Clicgear 4.0 is worth the upgrade.

Upgrade 1:  Adjustable Upper Saddle
This is the “game changer” upgrade of the Clicgear 4.0 pushcart.  You don’t realize how awesome this little part is until you try it.  It seems like such an insignificant piece of the cart, but it completely changes how your bag rides and how your bag functions on the cart.  Not all golf bags are the exact same height and sit at the same angle on the cart.  Cart bags, stand bags, staff bags all ride differently and the club sit differently in them.  The adjustable upper saddle can accommodate any bag and changes the angle at which the bag sits in relation to the handle.  You can get a perfect fit and the clubs tend to be more upright which makes sliding clubs in and out of your bag easier.  It functions on a lever and has a pivoting head to adjust to your exact needs.  It is simple, but one of the best push cart features I’ve seen.

Upgrade 2: Silicone Straps
It has always been important to me that my bag was strapped to my cart.  While it will stay on the cart without straps for 90% of your walk, it is nice for that 10% of the time over hills, bumps and unexpected dips that the two are firmly locked together.  Bungee straps have been around since the beginning while the locking mechanism has changed some over the years.  The silicone straps  on the Clicgear 4.0 are completely different and completely awesome.  While I liked the bungee straps; their short comings were cinching the bag down really tight (almost crushing it) and yet still the bag might twist on the cart after a few bumps because the straps were smooth.  The silicone straps solve both of those problems.  You don’t have to wrench them down super tight because they already grip the bag with their tackiness which also means the bag doesn’t twist.  Their belt “loop” system is easy to figure out and will accommodate a large or small bag.

Upgrade 3: Lower Saddle
This one isn’t the game changer that the upper saddle is, but the lower saddle of the Clicgear 4.0 still helps the bag ride nicer on the cart.  It is raised a little higher off the front wheel which makes it a little higher off the ground.  The benefit of this change is most noticeable when walking through taller grass.  The bag isn’t getting hung up on weeds nor is as much gunk getting on the bottom of your bag.  While it is only a few inches, it makes a difference in the overall function and use of the cart with a bag on it.

Upgrade 4: Console
The Clicgear 4.0 console looks almost exactly the same as previous versions, but the silicone card holder is really nice and the lid lock strap on the console keeps things from falling out.  After a round of golf, I often just fold up my cart and put it in the boot.  (trunk of a MINI).  Often when I got home I would just grab my Clicgear and hang it on the wall.  Depending on how careful I was, sometime the console would flip open and things would bounce out in the garage.  The new  lid lock that holds it closed doesn’t slow down the use of the console during play because I usually just left it off, but the lid lock keeps it closed for storage and transportation.

The Clicgear 4.0 is the best pushcart on the course.  The upgrades listed above are in addition to all the great features Clicgear has always been known for.  The 3 wheel stability is still the best in the business.  It rolls like a breeze down the fairway with almost no tendency to tip. The airless wheels, the low center of gravity, the adjustable handle and the easy to pull brake make it very straight forward and easy to use.  During the current pandemic, people have taken to walking even more to keep distance from fellow golfers.  If you are going to make a habit of walking, get the Clicgear 4.0, you will be happy you did.  It folds up easily (once you learn a couple of the tricks) and is compact for storage in your garage.  The new colors range from standard  to very bright have some really cool options.  I went with the Army Brown which looks great on  the AZ desert courses.

Clicgear took 7 years to make some upgrade to their flagship cart and they were worth the wait.  The 4 major upgrades will keep the Clicgear 4.0 pushcart at the top of the class for years to come.  The upper saddle is a real game changer along with the silicone straps.  It means your clubs will ride more secure and at a better angle for use on the course.  Finding one might be the struggle right now, Clicgear has been swamped with orders and is sold out of their latest batch of carts.  Be patient with them (and everyone else during COVID-19) as they are working hard to get more of the best pushcarts in stock for you to enjoy. 

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Quick Hits:
+Upper Saddle is awesome
+Silicone straps work great
+ Lid Locking console is nice for storage
+Still folds up compactly
+Stable on the course
+New color options