Review: Clicgear 8 Pushcart

Taking Sturdy to a New Level
Clicgear has been my go to cart now for  6 years.  Every new model improves on the previous version.  I was first introduced to the newest model, Clicgear 8 at the PGA show 2014.  It’s bigger size and  4 wheels are what many people are going to notice, and current Clicgear owners might wonder why four wheels are better?  Let me just start by saying this is a great cart and takes sturdy to a new level.
Clicgear’s have always been strong and sturdy, but 3 wheelers have their limits.  They sometimes hit a bump wrong or turn a little sharp and can dump over.  While that doesn’t happen much with Clicgear carts if you use a little common sense; the Clicgear 8 is the most sure footed cart I’ve ever pushed.  I’ve played with golfers using every kind of cart made and a number of them are very tip prone, either side to side or backward.  I’ve watched guys dump out their bags on hills and cart paths.  The Clicgear 8 didn’t want to tip over even when I tried.  Front to back tipping was next to impossible.  The four-wheel designs has so much balance that the front 2 wheels just won’t lift off the ground very far.  It didn’t impact turning the cart, but it didn’t tip over even on the steepest hill.  On side hills it was also the most stable cart I’ve pushed.   At a  certain angle everything will tip over, but under normal conditions, this will resist tipping even more than a three-wheeled Clicgear.

The four wheels made for a sturdy, steady push.  By design the bag and all other bars of the cart are higher off the ground than any other cart; which means plowing through the rough was no problem.  This cart wasn’t slowed down by the tall grass one bit.   Some carts are very low, and even the Clicgear three-wheeled carts have a front wheel arm that tends to grab the tall grass.  This one really has a high ground clearance.

I was concerned about the alignment now of four-wheels compared to three.  The three-wheeler was easy to align if necessary, but so is the four-wheel.  Mine came perfect from the factory.  I did the driveway test and it rolled straight down it every time.  I also did some fairway racing and it tracked right where I sent it.  Even if it didn’t, the four-wheeler uses the same simple system Clicgear uses for three wheels, you just now adjust both front wheels to get it going straight if it needs realignment.

Obviously the four-wheeled cart is bigger.  The folded size is still impressively small, but it is now  2 inches bigger for every dimension.  The Clicgear 8 is 15″ x 17″ x 27″ vs the Clicgear 3.5 is 13″ x 15″ x 23″.  The added size didn’t impact the ability to put it in the back of my Mini Cooper.  The unfolded size is bigger too, but again not obnoxiously bigger; a few inches here or there.  The additional size allows for a bigger console and netting which is nice for practical use on the course.

The folding/unfolding of the Clicgear 8 is different, but easy.  The new step guard pretty well indicates how to unfold the cart.  The levers stand out in grey and it is pretty intuitive from there.  A quick pull up and adjustment to your desired handlebar height and away you go.  Collapsing the cart is just as easy with the slide handle in the middle, the same grey lever and the step guard makes it simple to fold it down.

Attaching a bag to the cart is different than previous carts.  The bungee straps remain on the top, but the lower section of the bag is now left to just sit on the brackets.  It works perfectly with the Clicgear B3 bag.  You just drop it on, attach the upper straps and go.  Other bags are kind of a hit and miss.  All my cart bags work perfectly.  Some of the stand bags didn’t stay straight on the cart.  The upper brackets have a single pivot point and when the bungee cords squeeze the stand bag they might cause it to twist depending on where the legs hit the bracket.  There is a little trick to slide the legs over the bracket that will keep it from twisting.

Clicgear also has a number of new accessories that can make this or any of their carts better.  The first one, included with the Clicgear 8, is two beverage holders.  They include a small one and a large one.  This way you can have a small water bottle or a large Gatorade bottle attached to your handle bar.  Another one I added to my cart is the GPS watch holder.  It basically is a red piece of rubbery plastic that clips to the handlebar to enlarge the size so you can strap a GPS watch to your handlebar.  It mimics the size of a wrist so you don’t have to wear it.  It works great for me because I like the watch’s  function, but can’t wear one and play.

The Clicgear 8 is the newest cart from the innovative minds at Pro Active Sport.  They just keep impressing me with new designs and ideas.  It is slightly bigger, but includes a number of features that make the additional size worth it.  You don’t have to worry about your cart tipping over.  The dual brakes also keep it parked on slippery or hilly terrain.  You can’t really go wrong with any Clicgear cart, but if you want something bigger, taller and studier, yet still compact when folded, the Clicgear 8 is for you.  It takes sturdy to a new level.

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Quick Hits
+Easy to fold/unfold
+Additional storage space
+Rolls high in tall grass
+Dual brakes for locking power

-Stand bags twist in upper brackets
(unless you put the legs over the bracket)

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