REVIEW: Clicgear 8.0+ Push Cart

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When it comes to push carts, Clicgear is a leader in the market. Year after year they have worked hard to not only reach the top, but stay there. As new models have developed, so have new ideas on making those models better. The quality of materials and construction are second to none. Lightweight, sturdy and easy to push, this cart has it all. There are several improvements for the 2019 Clicgear Model 8+. As Clicgear tells us, “The design started with many requests for us to do a four wheel cart from our loyal customers. Most wanted to upgrade to something bigger and better from the Clicgear they already owned.”  I’ve been the owner of the original Model 8 for over 6 years, so when it was time to upgrade the the trusty cart, the new 2019 Clicgear 8+ was the only option I wanted.
Let’s start from the beginning when getting a new Clicgear cart. After I decided on the new cart, about a week later the doorbell rang. A delivery service had dropped off my new Clicgear 8+. The ease at which it took to get up and running took just a couple minutes, literally. Open box, pull out cart, take off plastic, unfold and put on your golf bag. I don’t know how it can get any easier. The patented 4XFOLD™ technology makes unfolding and folding the cart a snap and storage size is small enough to fit in the trunk of a 2 door car.

Silicone Straps Galore!
There are several upgrades from the Clicgear Model 8 to the Model 8+ that are worth noting. First you will notice there are new silicone straps to hold the bag in place on the upper and lower rests of the cart. They are very soft and flex-able enough to fit any size bag on the cart. I especially like the lower strap that keeps the bag in a more snug fit on the cart while playing. Larger cart bags are great, but smaller stand bags still have the lean to one side while playing. The Silicone straps come in multiple color options to customize the look of your cart (sold separately as a trim kit option). When not in use, the upper saddle folds flat and can be used to secure the strap.

Clicgear is using silicone straps to replace the bungee cord used for the pencil and scorecard holder. I nearly wore the old model out, but I don’t think that will be a problem with the new one. It took me a few tries to get the hang of putting the pencil in the new holder, but I really like how solid it is. The main storage compartment remains the same, which didn’t need any changing in my opinion. The netting cargo hold is slightly larger and deeper which is an added bonus for those things you want to have at a moments notice, but keep out of the way.

We have to talk about the new Clicgear brake paddle and two wheel braking system that has been remodeled. I was never a fan of the previous model’s brake system. The handle was too small and very hard to engage. That is all gone in the new Model 8+. In comes a large and much, much easier brake paddle to use. The new system now uses both front tires to engage the brake which makes the cart very sturdy and nearly impossible to run away from you. As I can attest from the last tournament I played, where winds were over 30 mph. I set the brake and the cart didn’t budge. The handlebar now has a padding that is thicker and should resist wearing out as quickly as the foam padding on the previous model. And the steering control adjustments are on both front wheel units for a more precise ride. It rolled true right out of the box, but is super easy to change with a twist of a screwdriver.

Clicgear has several accessories that help make the round more enjoyable. Each cart comes with an umbrella holder and two different sized beverage holders. Ingenuity doesn’t stop there, with more add-ons like a seat, for those days you need to sit and wait for the group in front of you, to a foot brush that can be used at any time. For those accessories and more, see what is available for your Clicgear on their website.

The Clicgear Model 8+ is a lightweight cart that folds small, has a ride that floats over the ground and acts as big and sturdy as it looks. The upgrades in silicone strapping make it easy to put a bag on and take it off (and to customize your look). The new Brake paddle is easy to keep the cart from riding away from you and the study footprint of the wheelbase keeps this cart from tipping over. I love to walk and the Clicgear Model 8+ is the perfect cart to meet all my needs. 

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For more information visit: Clicgear

Quick Hits:
+Sturdy four wheel design
+Easy to fold/unfold
+Additional storage space
+Lightweight and easy to push
+Dual brakes for locking power
+Accessories to complement any need

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