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Review: Clicgear B3 Cart Bag

The geniuses at Clicgear did it again

Over the last 6 years I have used a version of the Clicgear push cart for 90% of my rounds.  In that time I have tried the three different models and enjoyed each one.  Every time a new model comes out, I am impressed by the new changes making a great cart even better than the last one.  While the carts worked with every bag I owned, the new Clicgear B3 bag is a perfect compliment to a Clicgear cart.  The genius engineers at Clicgear did it again, and their B3 bag design is the best cart bag you can buy.

The first feature that makes this bag so good is that it is specifically designed to ride perfectly on my Clicgear pushcart.  The base is molded with some slots so that the lower support arm on the cart sits perfect on the base.  The upper part of the bag is made with grippers and support right where the wrap around arms and straps hold the bag secure.  No shifting, shimmying, or adjusting is needed to get this bag to ride perfectly on the Clicgear pushcart.

The second feature that makes this bag well designed is the 14-way divider top.  Each slot has a full-length divider so there is no club tangle.  There are 2 larger slots down the one side.  One slot can accommodate even the largest of putter grips, while the other large slot works well for the driver.  The other 12 slots are 3 wide by 4 high.  I do 1 row of wedges, 2 rows of irons and the final row is woods and a long iron.  They ride nice down the fairway in the bag with very little chatter and can easily be extracted for play. If you are interested in other cart bags check out our review of best golf cart bags here.

The 3rd bag feature that makes it a winner is the multiple pockets.  There are a total of 12 pockets, so there is a pocket for everything.  With 2 large ones on each side of the bag and slightly smaller upper pockets, this bag has great storage on each side.  Down the front of the bag there is an accessories pocket and a ball pocket that has this cool neoprene hole so you can just pop a ball out when you need to replace the one you just lost in the woods.  Additionally there is a removable cooler pocket and raincover pocket on the lower front.   The cooler could easily hold 4 water bottles, or more of some smaller packaged beverage of choice. About the only pocket that you might feel is missing is a full length bag side pocket for a really long accessory.  I did notice, but it wasn’t a big deal, I just kept the training aid in my car, it’s not like I could use it on the course anyways. 

Topping the bag off is the attention to the little details that make this the best cart bag.  There is a first aid kit pocket within a large side pocket.  The raincover is not just a little hood, but a full bag cover.  There is a tee holder that can snap a towel into it.  The ball pocket is really great.  There are little loops and rings for other items as needed.  The zippers all have really nice nylon pull tabs with little rubber balls at the end of each one.  The base has rubber feet sticking out here and there to make it extremely stable when you set it down on the ground.  The formed lift handle right across the top front of the bag is sturdy for lifting it in and out of the trunk.  It also has a single shoulder strap so a short carry is no problem.

It rides pretty well on most power carts too, but some now have molded base plates and the rubber bag feet might rub a little depending on the cart.  You may have to turn your bag to get it to fit perfectly.  But the reinforced bag top hits the strap support area of a power cart perfectly so that your bag takes minimal wear from use in a power cart.

Again the geniuses at Clicgear impressed me with how they took a simple cart bag and make it so much better and functional for the golfer.

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Quick Hits
+14 full-length dividers
+So many handy and useful pockets
+Rides perfectly on push cart
+Nice simple looks
+Full rain cover
+Brilliant features: ball pocket, first aid bag, cooler bag, etc.

–Missing 1 extra big/long pocket

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