Review: Club Armor Sky-Mark Protector

Protecting Your Investment From Uglies.

While golf clubs might not be a great investment, they do have resale value even if they are used.  One thing that will absolutely kill the value of any wood is the ugly sky mark.  It is the worst feeling in the world to pop one straight up in the air off the tee.  The shot is bad enough, but the resulting missing paint across the crown is sickening.  Not only does it devalue your club significantly, it is ugly to look at for as  long as you own the club.  Maybe even worse yet is when someone else hits one off the paint instead of the face.  Now do you live by the “You sky it, you buy it” motto or are you just ticked that your brand new driver has a giant flaw.

Club Armor is sky mark protecting film.  You apply this “tape” to the top edge of the face and onto the front part of the crown, similar to a couple other products on the market .  I had been using 2 other brands prior to this for the last 5 years.  I’m bound to hit a pop-up once every 5 rounds.  I go through so many different drivers and woods reviewing that it is just plain foolish not to have a product like this on my clubs.  Since I often have some of the newest clubs in my bag that other golfers want to try, it is even a better idea to have it on my woods to that I can hand to a stranger without fear of an ugly.  I have now completely converted to Club Armor for all my woods.

After using Club Armor for the last 2 months, I think they make the best sky mark protection product.  It is the easiest to apply, offers the best protection, is sized properly for different woods and comes in glossy or matte.  After applying many different sky mark protectors, Club Armor is a big step above their competition.  No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to avoid a finger print on the tape.  It never seemed to fail that the spot where the finger print was found, was also the first spot to start pealing off.  The 2 tabs that are on the Club Armor allow you to apply it without ever touching the film. 

The other big problem that often occurs in installing such a protector on woods is the air bubble that gets trapped in the tape.   I installed Club Armor on multiple woods and only ended up with 1 small air bubble.  I think that this film is more pliable than others and has a little more stretch so that it wants to go down flat to the club’s crown and can be stretched to get tight bubble free application.  If you get a sky mark on the tape(not on the club) or desire to remove it, you can gently peel it off and your club looks like brand new.


There are so many different finishes and colors on drivers this year.  It ranges from glossy black to matte white and just about every color in between.  Club Armor offers a transparent glossy or matte finish on its tape.  I really like this because the sky mark protector just blends in with the head and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.  It always seemed like I had the opposite finish in the past.  If the crown was glossy, I’d have matte tape and vice versa.  Now I just apply the appropriate finish that matches the crown.

Club Armor make the best product for protecting the crown paint of your woods.  It is the easiest to apply, looks the best and works the best of any that I have tried.  Golfers use headcovers to protect the paint from chips and marks, this is just an extension of that.  Because you can get Club Armor in both glossy or matte finish, it will blend right in so that visually you are barely able to tell you have it on.  Whether you are going to sell your clubs or not, they will always look better with Club Armor on.  It really does protect your investment from uglies.

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Quick Hits
+Easiest to apply
+Excellent protection
+2 sizes-Driver/fairway wood
+2 finishes-Glossy/Matte

–Slightly higher priced

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