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Review: Cobra AMP Cell 3-wood

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.
I think you could use that motto for many aspects of life, but it seemed especially true of the Cobra AMP Cell 3-wood.  In 2013 Cobra introduced a plethora of color options for their woods and irons.  Red, blue, Orange, and Silver(Green special edition)  This allows you find a look that fits your style and personality.  While it is just paint, it can make an impact on how you view your clubs.  If you are tired of white or black, now you can choose from these colors.  I really liked the look of the blue painted woods.  I started with the ‘blue bomber” Cobra AMP Cell driver earlier this year.  Since I liked that so much I thought it would great to see how the matching 3-wood would perform in my bag.
I went with the stock set-up in a stiff flex and started playing it at 15*.  What makes the new Cobra AMP Cell line so great is the “My Fly” hosel technology which allows you to adjust the loft of the club without having a major impact on face angle because of the “Smart Pad” sole design.  Once I got this club on the course the first thing that I noticed was how good it felt.  The Cobra AMP Cell Irons and woods are probably the best feeling clubs made in 2013.  It is that perfect blend of metallic and composite.  The face feels amazingly hot, but yet there is a muted sound to it which is pleasant to the ear.  What is nice about this 3-wood is that it has a decent sized face so even on miss-hits it still felt really good.  It wasn’t a dead feeling when you missed the center, you could feel the difference, but it still wasn’t harsh.  Even though the face is smaller, Cobra still incorporated their E9 face technology which offers just about the biggest sweet spot you will find.  This all adds up to the best feeling 3-wood.


Great looks and great feel don’t necessarily mean great performance.  But the Cobra AMP Cell offers great playability.  I started with it very stock neutral set-up and had great success.  I was hitting the ball very straight and very high.  It had good distance, but seemed to play more like a 5-wood than a 3-wood.  I lowered the “My Fly” loft to 13* and now this club came to life.  It played how I want my 3-wood to play and I was getting the distances I need out of my 3-wood.  Over the course of the next 4 rounds I found this to be very consistent in terms of control and distance.  I never had to worry about over-shooting my target or coming up short.  I can’t say it blew me away distance wise, but it certainly kept up.  It really was more about the control and consistency that made it play good.

The stock shaft is a “made for” version of the Fujikura Fuel shaft.  It is a only a 60 gram shaft so it is on the lighter side of fairway wood shafts, but it seemed to hold its own and offered the signature kick of the Fuel shaft.  The grip and headcover are pretty standard stuff, a Lamkin REL 3Gen 360 grip and a long headcover with a cutout handle.

The Cobra AMP Cell 3-wood is a very solid club for 2013.  It might not “wow” you with distance, but it does offer great looks, amazing feel and control and consistency which is what really is most important in a 3-wood.  The whole AMP Cell line seems to hit slightly higher than the stated lofts so that can be a real benefit for some or you may have to play a lower than normal loft to get your desired trajectory.  That really is the beauty of the “My Fly” technology.  At the end of the day the Cobra AMP Cell 3-wood, “Looks good, Feels good and Plays good!”

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Quick Hits
+Best feeling 3-wood
+Multiple color options
+Excellent control and consistency
+Played well with it in the bag
+My Fly adjustable hosel

–Plays higher than stated loft

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