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Review: Cobra AMP Cell Driver

#WhatsYourFly? --- #MyFly is 8.5 Blue+
2013 is the year of the adjustable driver.  Cobra’s version is called the AMP Cell with MyFly technology in the hosel paired with the SmartPad technology in the sole.  While all these new terms might sounds confusing, it really is quite simple.  You have 6 different loft settings in the MyFly adjustable hosel. Each loft setting will work without having to do anything else to the club because of the “SmartPad” sole technology.  It keeps the club always look square at address no matter what loft setting you are using.  What Cobra is offering that no one else is a choice of 4 the colors: orange, blue, red or silver.   (The ladies have a couple of other options, plus an offset model in yet another color that matches the baffler set) As you can see from the pictures below with my MINI Cooper, the blue driver head was an easy pick for me since I am kind of fan of that color.   I messed with all 6 settings to learn that #MyFly is 8.5* in blue.  (I had it set at 9.5D when I took some of the pictures) 
Once you get it set you can just leave it alone or if your swing changes or if you need something different for that day on the course you can adjust it on the fly very easily with just a twist of the wrench.  Not surprising, but just  a note, the new hosel system will not work with the previous Cobra adjustable shafts.  The old shafts only had 3 settings,  the Cobra AMP Cells have 6 settings.

My first adventure with this club was indoors.  I started hitting shots on the LM and the ball flight looked pretty good.  It was mostly straight with a tiny fade.  It was standard to what I normally hit, but was a touch high, both spin and launch angle.  So I moved the hosel around and ended up settling on the 8.5* loft which kept my launch angle down, but my spin was still a touch high. This wasn’t a big surprise for me; this is a reoccurring issue with many drivers.  I spin the ball too much.  The Cobra Amp Cell driver comes stock with a 60gram Fujikura Fuel shaft.  It is a made for version, but it is a pretty good version.  I can’t complain too much, the feel is great, the control is awesome, but the spin was just too high for me even in the x-flex.  (I actually had the same problem with the real deal Fujikura Fuel too)  But I was able to acquire another tip from Cobra and install a Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.1 shaft in it.  This immediately dropped my spin rates where I needed them and the launch angle didn’t change too much, just a tad lower.  Plus it looks really cool in the all blue from top to bottom.

While indoor testing has its place and getting some solid numbers for fitting is helpful, on the golf course is still where the majority of my testing is done.  I brought this “blue bomber” with me to FL.  I couldn’t wait to see if the LM numbers translated into on course results.  Even before my first shot, the “blue” Cobra Amp Cell driver was drawing attention from my fellow golfers.  They commented on how cool it looked.  The blue paint job is really stunning on the course.  I was happy to find out that my LM testing had paid off, because I hit long towering bombs drive after drive with the MyFly 8.5 Blue+.  This head definitely launches high, even in the 8.5 loft setting, but the spin was now way down with the shaft change.  I did mess around with the MyFly settings on the course too, and found that as I moved up in loft, the launch got even higher.  I’m not sure the lofts are quite true, I think they are on the high side.  85. is more like 9.5 and 9.5 is more like 10.5 and so on.  For many golfers that probably isn’t a bad thing as long as you can keep your spin numbers in check.

What Cobra has done in the last 4 or 5 drivers they have made is that each one offered excellent forgiveness and feel.  The e9 face is still one of the most forgiving faces on the market.  It addresses the most common misses and creates the biggest sweet spot of just about any driver you can hit.  I can’t say I was hitting this further than other drivers, but my control and dispersion were excellent.  The forgiving face, forgiving head, higher launch all contributed to finding many fairways in FL.  I am always happy to hit fairways on new courses, especially tough ones.  Good scores all start with good drives. 

Another pleasant attribute of this club is the sound.  Gone are the days of loud or harsh sounding Cobra clubs and in is the great solid whack of Cobra drivers.  It is not a muted as the ZL line, but very similar to the Cobra AMP driver of 2012.  A muted metallic that feels hot off the face.

Cobra is offering quite a few different models, so choose wisely.  There is the Cobra AMP Cell in 4 colors and the  Cobra AMP Cell pro in 2 colors each with 6 hosel settings.  The Cobra AMP Cell pro is said to be a lower spin head, as well as a lower spinning stock shaft. I had already enjoyed the Cobra AMP Cell Irons. While there maybe a number of choices, it really isn’t to hard to dial in this driver.  The MyFly technology is very easy to use and straight forward and the SmartPad keeps the driver square at address regardless of the loft setting.  #WhatsYourFly? I found #MyFly in the Cobra AMP Cell Driver to be 8.5* + Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.1.

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Quick Hits
+4 Color choices
+6 loft choice in one head
+Excellent forgiveness
+Great feel

+Higher launch and higher spin

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