Review: Cobra AMP Cell Irons

Longer, Easier and Cooler!
What are the deciding factors when getting new irons?  Many golfers want them to be easier to hit, go a little longer than their current irons (not necessarily the best motive, but reality) and they want them to look cool.  The Cobra AMP Cell Irons fit those desires perfectly.  The new feature of the entire Cobra AMP Cell line is the color options.  You can get: silver, blue, red or orange.  While it really is just the badge in the cavity that has a different color, research has shown that color is often an important deciding factor for many golfers when buying new irons.  Cobra gives you plenty of really cool looking options.  I got the silver irons and they look really nice in any bag.  No clashing of colors with these irons. 
While the badge can be ordered in the different colors it is more than just aesthetics, it is designed to dampen vibration on shots creating a softer feel.  I was really impressed by how good these cast irons felt.  Cobra has come a long ways in the “feel” department with these irons.  While you can still tell the difference between a cast and forged club, the gap is getting smaller between the two in terms of feel.


The Cobra AMP Cells come standard in 4-GW.  I can’t imagine needing a 3-iron because the 4-iron is plenty long.  It was almost as long as my hybrid.   The lofts are a little stronger on these than some other irons, but that kind of is standard in today’s distance driven market.  Although the lofts are stronger the trajectory is still plenty high.  A combination of the head design with the weight low in the cavity along with True Temper Dynalight 90 shafts add distance without sacrificing trajectory.  While I was playing, a mid-handicapper asked to give them a try  and he immediately picked up 10 -15+ yards per iron.  He fell in love with them right away.   Many golfers in this category are probably really going to like these irons.

I think I picked up a good 5 yards per club with these irons.  While I hope this trend doesn’t get too out of hand, sometimes our ego likes to hit irons a little further, even though we know iron play about precision, not distance.  Depending on the set of irons the golfer previously played, I’m guessing many golfers are going to see longer distances with the Cobra AMP Cell irons.

The long irons are easy to elevate and just go and go.  The mid-irons offered great length too, but I found good control with the distance and accuracy.  The short irons hit it high, drop it soft, and get the ball close to the pin.  After just a little distance adjustment, I dialed these in and hit high, straight shots round after round.   It didn’t seem to matter what the turf conditions were, I could get these out of the rough just as easy as hitting off the fairway.

The sole design is a key factor that really makes these great clubs for mid to high handicappers .  They do have some offset which will help the slicer, and they have beveled leading edges and trailing edges for easier turf interaction.  They really resist digging but get down just enough to pick the ball cleanly off the turf without bouncing.

The face design is also meant to be very forgiving.  Cobra is using their E9 face on the irons by welding that to the main iron body.  It creates a big sweet spot so that even less than perfect contact still results in pretty consistent shots.

Between the forgiving face, the forgiving sole, and the forgiving weighting, these clubs really help hit the ball on target.  Yet they don’t look too big or too bulky.  They look very playable without going to either extreme of butter knives or shovels.  A good middle of the road iron for a middle handicapper.

They are long, easy and cool which is going to be a perfect fit for an middle or high handicap golfer.  I personally prefer a a little more of a players club.  (Interesting that the Cobra AMP Cell Pro irons sounds exactly like what I am looking for from Cobra.)  I do have to admit, the regular AMP Cell irons are a really nice set of clubs.  They are long, they are easy and they look so cool, no matter which color you choose.

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Quick Hits
+Cool color choices
+Excellent sole design

–Not a “players” club

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