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Review: Cobra AMP Forged Irons

Advanced Material Placement=
Advanced Ball Placement

There are many features that go into deciding which irons to play.  Their design, style, feel, forgiveness, length, etc.  But let’s be honest, the most important factor is “Do they hit the ball closest to the pin?” While I’ll cover the different design features of the new Cobra AMP forged irons, the best feature is the Advanced BALL Placement. Much better than the Cobra King Forged CB MC Irons I reviewed.  While I don’t have a fancy spread sheet to detail the exact distance to the hole on each shot with these irons compared to other irons I have reviewed, but just based on the length of putts I’ve been standing over, these irons placed the ball closer to the pin than any other irons I’ve played. 
AMP stands for Advanced Material Placement.  It only takes a glance a these irons to see what they are talking about.  These irons have stuff going on all over the place.  The first part that will catch you eye is the orange material in the cavity.  It is in keeping with Cobra’s color scheme with Rickie Fowler.  But it is more than just a sticker, it is a metal insert to dampen vibrations in the head.  This orange in the cavity though might be somewhat polarizing.  I was asked when I started playing game improvement irons. I had to show them that these are actually players irons.  If you really don’t like something flashy or orange, it could be hard to put them in the bag based on looks.  Their performance will win you over, but the jury is still out on the looks.


The irons all have a cavity pocket or cut-out.  From iron to iron it varies in size.  The longer the iron, the bigger the pocket, the shorter the iron the smaller the pocket.  This variety offers forgiveness where needed most and solid workability where you need it most.

The 4iron-7iron have weighting on the sole too, which offers some additional loft.  The transition from 7-iron to 8-iron was still seamless.  I couldn’t tell any difference between the two in terms of height or feel other than what is expected.  The 8-iron–GW hit it high enough without the need of addition lower weight to help lift the ball.

The feel seemed pretty uniform within the entire set, even with different pockets because each pocket is filled with a polymer of sorts which too help in vibration dampening.  The forged heads feel so great at impact.  There is a soft crisp sensation at impact.  These rank up there with some of the best feeling irons I have put in my bag.

Looking down at these at address they have  minimal off-set and have pretty clean lines toe to heel.  The top line is slightly thicker than some players clubs, but not at all chunky. I really felt confident with these behind the ball.  The leading edge isn’t too sharp, nor is anything too angular. Lots of smooth edges and lines on these irons.

These are rather forgiving for such a players style head.  All the advanced material placement really allows Cobra to shift things around so that even off-center hits are minimally penalized.  The forgiveness is paired with incredible distance control.  I seemed to hit so many shots the exact distances I needed.  They are maybe 5 yards longer than some other clubs I have, but they were so predictable and straight, that dialing in the distance was easy.

These forgiving, good feeling, players irons were made with KBS tour shafts and Lamkin 3GEN orange grips.  It is one bright combo, but I actually really like the bright look.  I also like how the standard set is 4-iron — Gap wedge.  Most golfers have done away with 3-irons and having that extra wedge really fills all the yardage gaps.

There are many things that go into choosing just the right irons for your game, but for me, the Cobra AMP Forged will end up in my bag because of the Advanced BALL Placement.  I am simply closer to the hole with these irons than any others I have put in my bag.

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Quick Hits
+Amazing accuracy
+Great forged feel
+Forgiving for players irons

–Bright color might not be for everyone

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