Review: Cobra Bio Cell 3-wood

Turning Difficult Shots into Easy Shots
Many golfers pull out their 3-wood to hit difficult shots; a narrow fairway, a precise landing zone, cutting the corner, trying to reach a par 5 in two-shots or hitting it as far as they can to get closer to the hole.  It is probably why many golfers don’t have confidence in their 3-wood because they are trying to hit shots they probably shouldn’t or have a low percentage chance of success. The Cobra Bio Cell3-wood turns those difficult shots into easy ones.  It is the most forgiving and easiest to hit 3-wood I have ever tested.
The footprint of the Bio Cell 3-wood has a lot to do with how easy it is to hit.  It is one of the bigger 3-woods made.  When you look down on it at address, it is the widest and deepest 3-wood I can think of, yet has a shallow face.  the combination of wide from heel to toe and deep from front to back really instills confidence, but because it still has a shallow face it is easy to get down on the ball to pick it off the fairway, tee or even light rough.  You don’t feel like you are ever going to miss the ball with this 3-wood.  Then once you hit straight shot after straight shot, you will be even more confident in this club.


The Cobra Bio Cell 3-wood is fully adjustable from a 13* 3-wood to a 16* 4-wood with 8 total settings.  I went with the 14.5* loft in a neutral setting.  It gave me a very pleasing trajectory that was fairly piercing, but still reached a high apex mid flight.  I could hit it high enough to carry a tree line while cutting the corner.  I was impressed at how easy it is to launch.  It took little effort to get the ball in the air.  Yet it didn’t balloon either, the flight was flat downrange.

It also comes in a variety of colors, 6 in total.  I went with the blue to match the Cobra Bio Cell driver I had in the bag.  The stock shaft is a made for Project X at 65 grams(review) it is the same as the driver shaft, just a couple inches shorter.  While typically I would like a little heavier shaft in a fairway wood, this one actually worked quite well.  It offered the same smooth feel as in the driver and didn’t get whippy or loose.

The sound and feel of the Bio Cell 3-wood is slightly hollow compared to the Bio Cell + or even a couple other 3-woods, but the explosion when it comes of the face feels really good.  It has that hollow spring feel when you connect just about anywhere on the face.  The e9 face really works creating high ball speeds and forgiveness all over the face.

The Cobra Bio Cell 3-wood is big and easy to hit.  I first tested it on the range with my Flightscope LM and couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my eyes and in the numbers.  Shot after shot it was exactly the same; straight.  It wasn’t quite as long as the Bio Cell +, but it certainly was much easier and forgiving.  I could swing for the fences or dial it back and the ball just reacted the same every time.  It certainly wasn’t a slouch when it came to distance either.  After all the numbers are crunched, I average the most accuracy with this club and only give up 5 yards.  Since I’m typically not trying to hit my 3-wood for all out yardage, that works out really well.

The real benefit of this club is the confidence when standing on the tee of a tight hole or aiming at a green that doesn’t have much room for error and knowing that the ball will do what you want and take what really is a difficult shot and turn it into an easy one.

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate your current 3-wood, you should really check out the Cobra Bio Cell 3-wood.  It is big and forgiving and really easy to hit.  It also offers really good performance that will help you turn difficult shots into easy shots.

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Quick Hits
+Big footprint
+Super Forgiving
+Easy to hit
+Hot feeling
+Shallow face
+6 color choices and 8 adjustable settings

–Lightweight stock shaft

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