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Review: Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver

The Easiest Way to Go Looooong!

Everyone wants the longest driver possible.  While dead center hits have pretty well maxed out that distance, there are many ways to get your average driving distance longer.  Between hitting more fairways and getting more out of your off-center hits you can go loooong with the Cobra Bio Cell Driver.

While much of the discussion for 2014 is about low CG and low spin, that isn’t going to work for many golfers.  I see it all the time; average golfers have trouble getting the ball airborne and keeping it in the fairway.  If you really need low spin, Cobra offers two low spin drivers in the Bio Cell + and Bio Cell Pro for those of us that have high spin problems. But if you are part of the large percentage of golfer that don’t put excessive spin on the ball, the Bio Cell is going to be the best fit to go loooong. 

The Cobra Bio Cell driver comes in 6 colors with 8 different hosel settings.  It retained the “Smart Pad” tech from last year to offer a highly adjustable “one driver” package. From 9.0 – 12.0   It also keeps the e9 face from previous generation Cobra drivers which I believe is the best face technology of any driver.  The face forgiveness is unsurpassed by any other brand.  The stock shaft is a Project X EvenFlow “made for” 60gram shaft.  It is a solid offering that feels good and is pretty stable.  It also offers a very true launch.  I found the Bio Cell driver to launch true to loft setting.  I didn’t need to set the loft down or up to get ideal launch parameters.  I think that is a big improvement over the Amp Cell driver.

The head is a full 460cc and has a really solid sound.  The all titanium head feels hot and sounds really pure at impact.  It has a slightly hollow feeling which really adds a sensation of “pop” off the face.  The appearance instills confidence when sitting behind the ball.  While it is 45.75″ in length at D3, it swings really easy and doesn’t get heavy nor  does it feel like it needs to be cut down.

I have to admit, after hitting the Bio Cell + I was expecting a let down hitting the regular Bio Cell.  I didn’t expect to see such a penetrating, straight ball flight, drive after drive.  The Amp Cell launched high and had high spin, but the Bio Cell launches flat and has good moderate to low spin.  But even more impressive is the repeated straight flight, hit after hit.  I picked a target at the end of the range and hit at it repeatedly.  I probably hit 9 out of 10 drives on my exact line.  But everyone is a pro on the range right?  On the course, this driver just hit fairways.  12 of 14 was my average.  I was blown away by how forgiving this driver is.  I had more than one swing that I came out of expecting to reload, only to find my ball flying down the fairway. 

While it might not be the distance machine of the Bio Cell + or Bio Cell Pro; it certainly is easier to hit, and still goes looooong!  I tested it on my Flightscope LM and found impressive numbers.  It has just a little more spin than the Bio Cell +, but it was straighter and almost just as long.  The 460cc is also going to be  a confidence boost for many golfers too.

If you want a new driver that offers easy performance, the Cobra Bio Cell should be at the top of your list.  It offers many options of color and adjustability right off the rack.  On the course it gives you confidence and forgiveness for hitting fairways.  It is the easiest way to Go Looooong!!

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For more information:

Quick Hits
+6 color choices
+8 trajectory settings
+Solid sound and feel
+True to loft trajectory
+Moderate spin numbers
+Fairway finder
+Easy distance

–Not the lowest spinning

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