Review: Cobra Bio Cell + Driver

The + Does It All
All current drivers are very good.  Everyone is making a quality driver that will fit certain golfers.  Drivers come in all shapes and sizes; some have uber-low spin, others are super straight, some have excellent forgiveness, some have very high launch, and others have low launch.  Many have distinguishing factors that set them apart.  The Cobra Bio Cell + Driver does it all.
While it may not the top of any one specific category, it flat out performs in every category.  Distance, Spin, Forgiveness, Sounds, Accuracy, and Launch are all  at just about optimal numbers.  My rounds with this driver have turned out even better than expected.  I have been hitting lots of fairways with great distance.  I’d have no problem playing this club for the rest of the 2014 season.

Cobra advanced the multiple color scheme for 2014.  The mainstay colors are back; blue, red, orange, and grey, as well as the new black.  This time the crowns are done with an eye popping white frame.  It actually sets up really nicely behind the ball.  The two tone isn’t distracting nor does it mess with alignment.  Paired with the black face, I found the Bio Cell + really easy to point in the right direction. 

The Venollum composite crown moves weight for a lower CG to bring the spin down but also creates a muted sound.  I did find this driver more metallic than the ZL series driver which I think is a good move.  The ZL drivers were too muted, but the Bio Cell + is a blended muted metallic.  The better sound also makes the head feel hotter.  While I understand that sounds has much to do with the perception of feel, still this combo sounds and feels hot.

I got this driver on the courses this spring under moderate conditions, fairly soft, but yet some roll was found.  I hit 11 of 14 fairways the first time out which is pretty standard for me, but even my 3 misses weren’t bad shots, one was bad aim and the other 2 were just off the fairway.  I felt like I was in a good position all day long off the tee.  I left it in the stock 9.5 setting and still had great launch parameters and found it to have just the slightest fade bias.  It was small, but the movement tended to be a bit left to right at the tail end of the flight.  It would hit the fairway and bounce forward nicely.   One notable spec of this driver is the heavier swing weight.  It comes in at D5 which is fairly heavy for a driver.  I noticed the weight pounding balls on the range, but on the course I think the balance worked really well.

As you can see the Flightscope chart below, it didn’t blow the other new drivers out of the water in any 1 category, but was near the top in each one, which makes it such a solid overall choice for 2014.  Instead of one standout number, they are all really great making it one of the best combos of all driver features one would want.  I’m really impressed by the lower spin and better launch of the Bio Cell + Driver vs. previous Cobra drivers.

I don’t have one singular features that stands out about the Cobra Bio Cell + driver, which might be the best thing since it does it all so well.  It is the combination of low spin, good launch, tight dispersion and great distance that really makes this a combo to look at for 2014.  The Bio Cell + offers really cool looks with its two-tone color crown.  It also offers additional adjustments with 8 hosel settings.  All of that is matched with a real deal Matrix Red Tie shaft for a smooth looking and feeling combo.  The Cobra Bio Cell + does it all.

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Quick Hits:
+Cool looks
+Great sound and feel
+Tight dispersion
+Low spin

–Heavy swingweight