REVIEW: Cobra F-MAX Women's Hybrid and Irons


Making the Transition with Cobra F-Max

So, you’ve decided that you wanted to start playing golf.  Where do you even begin?  The idea sounds exciting for most.  Time outdoors in the sun, exercise, spending time with people you enjoy.  However, that inaugural transition from putting a good idea into practice can be a daunting one for many players.  It can be an intimidating process that can keep first time golfers away from the game.
First timers to the game usually begin by renting clubs from the course, borrowing them from a friend or if they are really determined, they purchase a set of clubs and a bag in a box.  All of these are usually decent, cost effective options that can help a beginner decide if they are interested in golf.  Those options, while cost effective, may not be the best long-term options for the beginner that wants to take the game seriously. 

Cobra F-Max Hybrids and Irons

The Women’s F-Max irons from Cobra Golf bridges that gap between the first timer, and a lady that wants to get the most from her equipment.

Our Leah Gruber was exposed to the game as a promotional model and aerialist in Las Vegas.  She started by going to the driving range and Top Golf with friends.  Over the past year, she relocated back to Minnesota, and wanted to take the game seriously and engaged her sister in the process.  The two of them played out of her sister’s bag and down the fairway they went.  After a year of borrowing her sister’s clubs, or playing out of one bag, Leah knew it was time to make that transition with Cobra F-Max irons.

In designing the Cobra F-Max hybrid and irons set, Cobra’s research indicated that over 80% of women golfers had a handicap greater than 17 with a moderate swing speed.  This research was the foundation from which the F-Max set was designed.  As a result, the F-Max set was built with lighter weight shafts, a lighter overall club weight and larger grips.  The result is a swing with more clubhead speed, greater distance, and tighter consistency throughout the bag.  With this design philosophy, Cobra believes that if a woman has a set of clubs that will help make the game easier for her, she will ultimately enjoy the game more, and stick with it.

​Designing Game Enjoyment Clubs

As mentioned, Cobra deployed a three part design principal with the women’s F-Max set with larger grips, lighter shafts, as well as lighter swing weights.  But what does this actually mean and how does it help?

Larger Grips: When using a larger men’s size grip, this helps reduce the overall swingweight of the club.  Utilizing a softer rubber compound, the thought is that a woman will grip the club with softer hands improving comfort and consistency each time they grip the handle.

Lighter Shafts: Having a lighter shaft with a slower swing speed will generate more clubhead speed with less effort.  The net result is more distance.

Lighter Swing Weights: A lighter swing weight (C-2 to C-4) will contribute to more clubhead speed as well as improve launch.

The Women’s Cobra F-Max set is comprised of hybrids and irons.  At the top end of the bag, the set begins with a 5 and 6 hybrid with lofts of 26.5 and 29.5 degrees.  The F-Max hybrids feature a forged 455 stainless steel face improving ball speeds on off-center contact.  Three additional design features help promote straighter and more consistent shots with a draw bias: 

Center of Gravity: The center of gravity is positioned back and toward the heel.  This helps straighten shots creating a draw bias.

Offset: The offset hosel created higher launch also with draw bias.

Crown Alignment: The Cobra and alignment markers help promote accuracy with easier set-up.

Beginning with a 7 iron, the irons are designed with many of the forgiveness features of the hybrids with heel positioned center of gravity and offset for a draw bias.  I like that the set make-up also includes a 55 degree sand wedge which is a versatile loft for a variety of shots around the green.  The irons are plated with nickel chrome for improved aesthetics and durability. 

The Tour Van at 2nd Swing in Minneapolis

In January, Leah met with Tyler Fitzel, one of the club fitters inside The Tour Van at 2nd Swing in Minneapolis, which is an authorized Cobra retailer and fitter.  Leah was able to hit a number of shots on the Trackman with the Cobra F-Max irons.  This process helped validate the F-Max irons as being the appropriate choice for Leah’s game during this transitional time.

One of the takeaway’s expressed by Leah was the confidence inspired by the Cobra F-Max irons as a result of their forgiveness.  This is at the heart of their design philosophy when combining heel positioned CG with offset and lighter swing weights.  These design characteristics that inspire confidence also render the game more enjoyable.  As a golfer that is new to the sport, the trust in your equipment is paramount.

As a fitter, Tyler was pleased with the performance numbers he was seeing from the Cobra F-Max set.
This game of ours can be daunting to beginners, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  The design, fit and finish of the Cobra Golf F-Max irons inspires confidence with maximum forgiveness.  Especially tailored for the women’s swing, the F-Max is a proven set of hybrids and irons that truly allow women to enjoy the game through maximizing their potential.  If you are looking to get the most out of your swing make the transition to Cobra F-Max Irons.
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