Review: Cobra King F6+ Driver

The Ruler of CG Adjustment
With all the driver talk now about CG it only stands to reason that certain CG placements are better for different golfers. If everyone needed the same thing, we’d all play the same driver and get the same numbers. But as everyone knows, having a driver fit to your needs is key to maximizing distance. The Cobra King F6+ rules the fitting ability to adjust the CG.
Cobra isn’t the only company to offer an adjustable driver, but what they do offer is the most CG adjustable driver.  Their 18gram weight is the heaviest weight that can be moved front to back.  Add to that fact that the weight is in a carbon track it really changes the performance of the driver head.  Front is lowest CG with penetrating flight and lowest spin.  As you progress back the CG is raised as are the spin and launch.  As you can see from my pictures I settled in a couple slots back.

When the Cobra King F6+ arrived I started with the weight all the way forward.  It had good results with strong drives that ran out very nicely on the course.  I found that I wasn’t getting as much forgiveness from the head as I had hoped so I slid it all the way back.  That certainly resulted in more forgiveness, but I felt like I was leaving a few yards on the table.  So I moved the weight to the middle and found the best of both worlds, distance with decent forgiveness.

TheCobra King F6+ comes in really nice stock configuration.  The Matrix Black Tie 60 gram shaft is one of my favorites for low launch, low spin, yet smooth feel.  The Smart Pad and MyFly hosel allow you to adjust the loft of the driver.  I like an open look and lower launch so I went with the 9* setting which was still easy to launch and had good penetrating flight.  The King F6+ headcover is 1000 times better than the King LTD cover, it just a normal cover.  Another area that Cobra has which I believe is superior to other companies is their face tech.  The E9 face is forgiving and hot just about everywhere and the speed channel that surrounds the face seems to work in giving is just a little more pop.

The Cobra King F6+ has CG adjustability but that also changes the sound/feel of the head.  This driver has a very composite sound to it.  The muted crack certainly is different, but pleasant.  I did find though a very audible difference between each weight setting.  I’d guess that if you blind folded me and hit the driver, I’d be able to tell where the weight was.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Cobra King F6+ Driver

    • Spin: 2213 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 14.2*
    • Dispersion: 7.0 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 102.2 mph
    • Ball Speed: 152.6 mph
    • Total Distance:  276.3 yds
    • Carry Distance:  260.1 yds

If Zero CG works for you, the King LTD will be a perfect fit, but if you need something just a little different the King F6+ is going to rule.    It can change from a more distance minded driver to a fairway finder with just the slide of a weight.  It really does offer the most CG adjustment of any driver currently on the market.  It is a driver that can fit your swing, right off the rack with maybe just a couple tweaks to the hosel and weight.  (Plus with the purchase of a King driver you can get a free Arccos Driver GPS tracker.)

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Quick Hits

+Adjustable CG
+Matrix Black Tie stock shaft
+Hot feel
+Distance and forgiveness options
+Great looks and optional colors
+Free Arccos Driver